Call #: Shortt FC3501.S27 vol.37, no.2, Spring 1985
Author: Waiser, William A.
Title: Surveyors at war: A. O. Wheeler's Diary of the North-West Rebellion
Notes: Arthur O. Wheeler was a member of the Dominion Land Surveyors Intelligence Corps at the time of the Northwest Resistance. Although he kept a diary of the Surveyors' role during the Resistance, it is not very detailed in comparison with his article published in The Canadian Surveyor (1934). The purpose of Waiser's article is to "examine whether Wheeler's perception of the Resistance and the Surveyors' role had changed over time."
Subject: Northwest Field Force - 1885
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Incidents
Other Author: Wheeler, Arthur O.
Journal: Saskatchewan History vol.37, no.2, Spring 1985.

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