Call #: Shortt FC3651 .A33 v.41, no.4, 1993.
Author: Dempsey, James
Title: Little Bear's Band? Canadian or American Indians?
Notes: During the Riel Resistance of 1885, Wandering Spirit and Little Bear (or Imasees) led a band of Cree in an attack on the village of Frog Lake. The Cree forced the surrender of Fort Pitt and fought Canadian troops in the Battle of Frenchman's Butte and the Battle of Loon Lake. Fearing capture, Little Bear and his followers fled to the United States. The article describes Little Bear's Band's experiences in the U.S.
Subject: Cree - Rebellion, 1885
Frog Lake Massacre, 1885
Frenchman's Butte
Battle of Loon Lake, 1885
Journal: Alberta History, vol.41, no.4, Autumn 1993, pp. 2-9.

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