Call #: Shortt E78 .C2S97 1991
Author: Tobias, John L.
Title: Canada's subjugation of the Plains Cree, 1879-1885
Published: Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991.
Notes: Tobias challenges the traditional interpretation of the roles of both the Cree and the Canadian government in honouring legal commitments made in the treaties. On the one hand, the Cree were flexible and active in promoting their own interests, while the government was neither as enlightened nor as fair as tradition maintains. Tobias argues that the government's major concern in its relationship with the Cree was to establish control over them by means of political and military means.
Subject: Native people - Canada - Treaties
Canada - Indian Affairs - 1880s
Journal: Sweet Promises: A Reader on Indian-White Relations in Canada. pp. 212-240.

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