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Back in those days. 1923.
Batoche : les missionnaires du Nord-ouest pendant les troubles de 1885 / Jules LeChevallier.
Batoche National Historic Site. Public Comment on the Themes and Objectives
Batoche after 1885, a society in transition
Batoche national historic site.
Batoche national historic site. Development of the management plan for Batoche. Parks Canada's response to public comment on the plan alternatives.
Batoche national historic site. Management plan summary.
Batoche national historic site. Public comment on the plan alternatives.
Batoche planning program.
Batoche, 1870-1910 / Diane Payment
Batoche. National historic site.
Battle of Cut Knife Creek. 1885.
Battle of Fish Creek. 1885.
The Battleford column : versified memories of a Queen's Own corporal in the Northwest Rebellion 1885.
Battleford during the Rebellion of 1885
Battleford fugitives underwent grim siege in garrison stockade. Survivor tells story of town's destruction during rebellion of '85, "The Edmonton Journal". 16 July 1926.
The Battleford post.
Battleford relieved on 24 April 1885, North Battleford Optimist. 9 November - 30 March 1923.
The Battlefords; a history, by Arlean McPherson.
Big Bear
Big Bear, Indian Patriot
Big Bear, Indian patriot, by William B. Fraser.
Biographical Sketch of P.G. Laurie n.d.
The Blackfeet and the Rebellion, Experiences of an Agency Clerk in 1885.
Brandon and the Saskatchewan Rebellion
Brigadier-general W. D. Otter, recently appointed chief of staff for the Canadian Militia.
The Bull Elk Affair
Bullet holes in Roman Catholic church, Batoche, Sask. 1947.

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