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Calgary and the Riel Rebellion
Cameron, W. B. to A. S. Morton. 22 October 1925 - 31 May 1930.
The Campaign of 1885: A Contemporary Account
Canada, 1874-1896 : arduous destiny
Canada: a political and social history
Canada and the Metis, 1869-1885 / D.N. Sprague ; with a foreword by Thomas R. Berger
Canada. Indignation of French-Canadians over the execution of Louis Riel. A mob burning an effigy of Sir John Macdonald on the pedestal of the Queen's statue, Victoria square, Montreal, Nov. 16, 1885.
Canada. The uprising in the Northwest. White inhabitants of the Saskatchewan region leaving a settlement after an indian raid.
Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times
Canada's subjugation of the Plains Cree, 1879-1885
Canadianizing the North-West
The Canadian Indian: a history since 1500 [by] E. Palmer Patterson
The Canadian North-west : its history and its troubles, from the early days of the fur-trade to the era of the railway and the settler, with incidents of travel in the region, and the narrative of three insurrections / by G. Mercer Adam ..
The Canadian pictorial and illustrated war news.
Cannington Manor old timers. 193-?
Cannington Manor old timers. July 1931.
The Captive Insurgent Chief
Carleton Road to site of Battle of Duck Lake, March 26, 1885. 1948.
Caron, Sir Adolphe P., Minister of the Militia. [portrait]
Caron, Sir Adolphe, Minister of the Militia. [portrait]
Catastrophe and the Millennium: A New View of Louis Riel
Catholic Church and priest's house, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Causes of the Riel Rebellion: A Personal View
Cent-vingt jours de service actif : récit historique très complete de la campagne du 65ème au Nord-Ouest ..
Chadsees - in the Cutknife fight. 192?
Chronology based on the life of Louis Riel / by Peter Charlebois.
Church of St. Antoine, Batoche, and monument commemorating the Battle of Batoche. 1931.
Church of St. Antoine, Batoche, interior. 1931.
Close of the Rebelllion
The Coal Fleet
Colonization companies and the North-West Rebellion
Comment on Ken Hatt, the North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions, 1885-1889
Correspondence between A. B. Stewart and Norman Black, H. E. Ross, G. A. Mantle, Arthur S. Morton, Edmund H. Oliver, Dr. Walter Murray. 20 September 1912 - 9 May 1925.
Correspondence between A. Krogagaard and A. S. Morton. 14 - 21 June 1935.
Correspondence between Prince Albert Historical Society and A. S. Morton. 13-17 June 1925.
The Cost of the Rebellion
Council of the North West Territories. Regina 1884 (Second Session) Hon. Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant Governor, Presiding. [photograph]
The Cree Rebellion of 1884 or Sidelights on Indian Conditions Subsequent to 1876
Crowfoot: Great Chief of the Blackfeet
Crozier, Major L.N., Inspector Commanding Fort Walsh during Sitting Bull's Residence in Canada. Lieut.-Col. A.G. Irvine, Assistant Commissioner of N.W.M. Police at the time Sitting Bull was in Canada.
Crozier, Major L.N., Superintendent of N.W.M.P.
Cultural Conflict on the Prairies: Indian and White
Cut Knife Creek! A well fought battle, The Montreal Daily Witness, vol. XXXVI, no. 109. 8 May 1885.
Cutknife. 190?

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