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Early eighties were really good old days. 1929.
An Early Manitoba Diary: Extracts from J.W. Harris's Private Accounts of Events and Personalities from 1869 to 1922
Edgar Dewdney and the Aftermath of the Rebellion
Edgar Dewdney, Indian Commissioner in the Transition Period of Indian Settlement, 1879-1884
Edmonton Courts and Lawyers in Territorial Times
Elections de 1887 : la vraie question. --
L'empire des Bois-Brűlés / Joseph Kinsey Howard ; traduit de l'anglais par Ghislain Pouliot ; [cartes de Réal Bérard]
English halfbreed. 188-?
Engraving of the hospitals at Saskatoon, 1885. 1885.
An Episode of the North-West Rebellion, 1885
Epitome of parliamentary documents in connection with the North-West rebellion, 1885.
Ernest Green and Charles Winter to Col. A. H. Todd. 18 - 22 January 1926.
L'espace de Louis Goulet / Guillaume Charette
The Evening Globe, Saturday, April 18, 1885.
Ex-sheriff Owen Hughes relates racy story of "naval" fight on the South Saskatchewan in 1885, Prince Albert Herald. 5 June 1923.
Examples. 188-?
The Execution of Eight Indians in the North-West

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