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Facts for the people : the North-West rebellion : the question of the half-breeds and the government's treatment of them.
Fair Play for French Canadians
Faits pour le peuple. La rébellion du Nord-ouest. La question des Métis et leur traitement par le gouvernement.
Farmers in council, The Winnipeg Daily Sun. 19 December 1883.
Farmers organizing! The Winnipeg Daily Sun. 7 December 1883.
Fifty mighty men / by Grant MacEwan : illustrated by Wm. W. Perhudoff
Fifty Years on the Saskatchewan
Fight at Duck Lake. 1885.
First storey, old campaign house, there in 1885, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Fish Creek battlefield. 192-?
Fish Creek homestead entries. 1884 - 1886.
Fish Creek Memorial Park. 192-?
Fort Battleford National Historic Park, Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Fort Battleford National Historic Park, Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Fort Carlton historic park.
Fort Carlton. A Saskatchewan historic site.
Fort Ostell and the Riel Rebellion
Fort Pelly: An Historical Sketch
Fort Pitt detachment of NWMP, 1884. 1884.
Fort Pitt historic park.
Fort Pitt, 1884. 1884.
Fort Pitt. 1925?
Forty years in the North-West. 15 April 1920.
Foundation of old Batoche house, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Foundations of government in the west. A paper delivered before the Regina Canadian Club, The Morning Leader. 1 January 1910.
Four months under arms : a reminiscence of events prior to and during the second Riel rebellion / by H. S. Nelson.
François Dufresne, escaped from Frenchman's Butte, 1885. 1925?
Free the north. Gabriel Dumont armed.
The French-Canadian press and 1885
The French Canadians; 1760-1967
Frenchman's Butte - battle ground from the butte itself, looking about N.E. 1925?
Frenchman's Butte. 1925?
Frenchman's Butte. 1950.
The Frog Lake Massacre of 1885. 1950?
From Saskatoon to Moose Jaw with the Prisoner Riel
From the diary of a Hudson's Bay Company's clerk in the seventies. 192-?
Frontiers in transition: Nova Scotia 1713-1763 compared to the North-West 1869-1885

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