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Harry Ross of the N. W. Mounted Police. 1930.
Having then immediate temporal interests.... 1884?
Histoire de la nation Métisse dans l'ouest canadien.
Historic Sites cairn, mile or so from battlefield, Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
Historic St. Albert (1883-1889)
A History of Alberta / James G. MacGregor
A History of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to 1914: a thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the Department of History, University of Saskatchewan.
History of Saskatchewan and the North west territories / by Norman Fergus Black
History of the North-West
History of the Saskatchewan uprising, The Winnipeg Daily Sun (Rebellion number). 1885.
Homestead experience story.
Hon. Thomas White on Riel's portrait. 18 September 1886.
Honore Joseph Jaxon: A Man Who Lived for Others
Honoré Joseph Jaxon: A man who lived for others.
Hospitals in Saskatchewan in territorial days
How the Duck Lake fight began. 1927?
Howard Angus Kennedy to W. B. Cameron. 29 June 1925.

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