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The Last Word on Louis Riel - The Man of Several Faces
Laurier : the first Canadian
Laurier and a liberal Quebec; a study in political management. Edited and with an introd. by Richard T. Clippingdale
Letter from a Soldier Tourist
The Letters of P.G. Laurie
Lieu historique national de Batoche.
Lieut-Col. Hon. C. A. Boulton.
Lieut.-Col. Boulton.
Lieut.-Col. W. M. De Ray.
Lieutenant Colonel Bowen VanStraubenzie.
Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Turnbull.
The Life and Death of Louis Riel
The Life of Riel
Life of W. J. Carter. 30 July 1923.
Little Bear's Band? Canadian or American Indians?
Living in the shadow of greatness: Louis Schmidt, Riel's Secretary
Looking east from Frenchman's Butte. 1925?
Lord Melgund and the North-West Campaign of 1885
Lord Melgund on the Rebellion
Louis "David" Riel & the North-West Rebellion : a list of references / compiled by Sushil Kumar Jain.
Louis "David" Riel. 5 August 1885.
Louis 'David' Riel : prophet of the new world / Thomas Flanagan.
Louis David Riel to unidentified person. 24 March 188-?
Louis Goulet, March 26, 1926. 1926.
Louis Riel.
Louis Riel. [by] George F. G. Stanley.
Louis Riel. / Thomas Flanagan.
Louis Riel, 1844-1885 : a biography / by William McCartney Davidson.
Louis Riel, 1884. 1884.
Louis Riel; a bibliography [compiled by Ved Parkash Arora]
Louis Riel: an annotated bibliography [compiled] by H. Dhand, L. Hunt [and] L. Goshawk.
Louis Riel and the rebellions in the Northwest : an annotated bibliography of material in Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan Library / compiled and edited by Shirley Martin and Glen Makahonuk.
Louis Riel as Charismatic Leader
Louis Riel: Changing Perspectives
Louis Riel Goes to the Saskatchewan Territory to Aid His People
Louis Riel : humanitarian / by Terrance Lusty.
Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
Louis Riel : justice must be done / [Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan]
Louis Riel, martyr du Nord-ouest : sa vie - son proces - sa mort / publié par le journal la Presse.
Louis Riel, patriot and rebel ... / by Frank W. Anderson.
Louis Riel : patriot or rebel? / by George F. G. Stanley.
Louis Riel, poésies de jeunesse / [texte établi et annoté avec introd. et chronologie de la vie de Louis Riel] par Gilles Martel, Glen Campbell, Thomas Flanagan.
Louis Riel, the Rebellion of 1885 / by G. H. Needler.
Louis Riel to T. E. Jackson 25 August 1884.
Louis Riel to T. E. Jackson 29 September 1884.
Louis Riel to Vital Grandin, 5 September 1884
Louis Riel to W. Jackson 22 September 1884.
Louis Riel, un homme à pendre / traduit de l'anglais par Rossel Vien.
Louis Riel: Was he really crazy?
Louis Riel's Insanity Reconsidered
Louis Riel's land claims.
Louis Riel's Last Letter
Louis Riel's Name "David"
Louis Riel's Petition of Rights, 1884
Louis Riel's proclamation which was attached to his flag: captured at Batoche by Captain A. L. Howard. 1885.
Louis Riel's Religious Beliefs: A Letter to Bishop Taché
Louis Schmidt, patriarch of St. Louis
Louis Schmidt: A Forgotten Métis

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