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Major-General Ivor J. C. Herbert.
Major-general Middleton, C.B., Adjutant-general Walker Powell and various commanding officers of the North-West Field Force. 1885.
The Manitoba Farmers' Union, The Winnipeg Daily Sun. 18 February 1884.
Map of the North-West Territories.
Massacre at Frog Lake
McDonald, Donald H. to T. N. Campbell. 26 September 1924.
McIntosh farm house site, rebellion trails, Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
The Meaning of Treason in 1885
Medical Pioneering in Alberta
Medicine Hat and the Rebellion
Meeting of special committee of Prince Albert Historical Society appointed to make the arrangements for the unveiling of the tablet at Batoche held in the fire hall. 14 May 1925.
Memoirs of H. E. Ross (Prince Albert), 1879 - 1881. 22 June 1923.
Memorial cairn of the Frog Lake massacre, 1885, erected in 1925. 1925
Memorial tablet unveiled at Vonda by the Bishop of Saskatchewan Diocese. 11 May 1911.
The Men of the Mounted / Nora Kelly
Message from the President of the United States, transmitting in response to Senate resolution of Feb. 11, 1889 : a report upon the case of Louis Riel.
Le messianisme de Louis Riel / Gilles Martel.
Métis Makers of History Grant MacEwan
Métis Settlement in the North-West Territories
Métis trenches at Batoche. 1885
Middleton camp trenches, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Middleton camp trenches, cleared for breaking, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Middleton's old camp - looking N.W. toward Clark's Crossing, Clarksboro, Sask. 1948.
Miller, W. O. to W. P. Bates. 6 February 1922.
Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Saskatoon Historical Association. 3 June 1925.
The Mission of Louis Riel
Mistatim Awasis (Horse Child), son of Big Bear. Poundmaker Reserve, Paynton, Sask. 1947.
Monsieur Batoche
Monument commemorating the Battle of Batoche, Batoche. 1930.
Monument to the Métis who fell in the Battle of Batoche, Batoche cemetery. 192?
Moosomin, Sask. 1947 - 1966.
La Mort de Riel et la voix du sang / par un comité de collaborateurs.
Le mot de la fin. Voici le vote! Conspiration armée contre les Métis français : Le chef métis sacrifié aux Orangistes! : Sa prétendue vénalité : Légitimité du provisoire : Ce meurtre de Scott! : L'opinion de quelques évêques sur le débat : Celle des missionnaires : Évêques et missionnaires : Nouvelles indignités! : Nouveaux griefs! : La folie de Riel.
Mounted police life in Canada : a record of thirty-one years' service / by Captain R. Burton Deane.
Mrs. Jackson (mother) to ?. 188-?
My experience on the homestead.

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