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Narrative of Archie Brown. sent by him from California to Mr. S. R. Ross. 192-?
Narrative of ex-mayor James Clinkskill. 1927.
Narratives of Saskatoon, 1882-1912. 1927.
Le 9me Bataillon au Nord-Ouest : journal d'un militaire / par George Beauregard, soldat de la Compagnie No. 3.
North-West administration / speech by Hon. Thomas White at Weston, Ont., Wednesday evening, December 16th, 1885.
North West and Minnow Two Saskatchewan River Steamers
The North West Council and Half-Breed Complaints, Journals of the Council of the North-West Territories (1884)
North-West Mounted Police: A Brief History
The North-West Mounted Police, 1873-1893: Volume II
The North-West Mounted Police 1873-1905: Law enforcement and the Social order in the Canadian North-West
The North West Mounted Police and Indian Policy after the 1885 Rebellion
North West Mounted Police Fort Battleford Post journal, 1885.
The North West Mounted Rifles, Prince Albert. 1927?
The North-West Rebellion / by Howard Angus Kennedy.
The North-West Rebellion, 1885 A Memoir by Colour Sergeant (later General) C F. Winters
North West Rebellion 1885, Recollections, Reflections and Items, from the Diary of Captain (now Lt. Col.) A. Hamlyn Todd who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that Expedition
The North-West Rebellion and Its Effects on Settlers and Settlement in the Canadian West
The North West Rebellion diary of Lieutenant R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, "C" Company, Infantry School Corps, 1885.
The North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions, 1885-1889
Northwest grievances, The Winnipeg Daily Sun. 12 February 1884.
The Northwest Rebellion.
Notes from old Cannington Manor. The story of an English settlement in Saskatchewan. 1925.
Notes on Almighty Voice and the Riel Rebellion of 1885. 1918 - 1926.
Notes on interview with Mrs. Amos Plaxton of Prince Albert. 25 June 1932.
Notes on pioneering in Saskatchewan.
The NWMP and law enforcement, 1873-1905 / R. C. Macleod

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