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L'oeuvre véridique de Louis Riel, 1869-70 [à] 1885.
Old Batoche ferry, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Old Clark's Crossing, east side, Clarksboro, Sask. 1948.
Old Fort Battleford - reconstruction. Battleford, Sask. 1947.
Old Telegraph Trail in the Touchwood Hills. 1923.
One hundred and twenty days of active service : a complete historical narrative of the campaign of the 65th in the North West / Charles R. Daoust.
An Opinion of the Frog Lake Massacre
Order Book "C" Company I.S.C. 10 July - 8 October, 1885
Our Military Effort
Our Pioneers Say:--
Outdoor oven in use along the road to Batoche. 1947.

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