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P. G. Laurie : the aspirations of a western enthusiast / by Walter H. Hildebrandt
A Passionate Adventure
Patrice Fleury and the Duck Lake fight. 1927?
Patrice Fleury recalls days when the lordly buffalo roamed plains of central Saskatchewan, "Prince Albert Herald." 15 March 1924.
Patrice Fleury, veteran of the Rebellion of 1885, living at St Laurent in 1925, aged 103. 1925
Peekokut gets a special. 1927?
Pencil Sketch of 'Indian Chief' and Red River Cart 1885
Pencil Sketch of Northcote 7 May, 1885
Permit signed by Lt. Col. Otter allowing James Clinkskill to leave the barracks at Battleford to cross the Battle River and retrieve items from his house, May 8, 1885. 1885.
Personal narrative of ex-mayor Russell Wilson. 1927.
Peter Kowalczyk house, made from Batoche house logs. South of Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
Petite chronique de St. Laurent. 1884.
Petition of Rights, 1884 Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch, File No. 83803
Pioneer Editor of the West. The Late P.G. Laurie. n.d.
Pioneer life in the Qu'Appelle Valley. 1924.
Plan of township 41, Range 2, west of the third meridian. 14 August 1918.
Plan showing survey of a new road in NE 1/4 sec 23 Tp 41 R 2 W 3rd Mer. 14 March 1917.
Plan showing survey of new road in sec. 24, TP. 41, Range 2, W. 3. M (Saskatchewan). 13 February 1913.
Platform of the merchants committee, Saskatchewan district. 188-?
A Poem by Louis Riel
Polémiques et documents touchant le Nord-Ouest et l'exécution de Louis Riel.
Policing the plains : being the real-life record of the famous Royal North-West Mounted Police /: by R.G. MacBeth
The Political game and the bounds of personal honour: Sir Frederick Middleton and the Bremner Furs
The Political Thought of Louis Rie1
Portraits of interest.
Portraits of interest.
Portraits of interest.
Portraits of interest.
Poundmaker's Capture of the Wagon Train in the Eagle Hills, 1885
Poundmaker's old stamping ground.
Prince Albert. 21 June 1926.
Private diary of A. Hamlyn Todd, Commanding Guards Company of Sharpshooters of Ottawa. 29 March to 21 July 1885.
Proceedings of fifth meeting of Saskatoon Historical Association held at the home of Captain Andrews. 5 April 1922.
Proceedings of sixth meeting of the Saskatoon Historical Association held in professor's common room, Qu'Appelle Hall. 19 April 1922.
Programme at the unveiling of the monument at Battleford, Sask. commemorating the Rebellion of 1885. 10 June 1925.
Public meeting, The Prince Albert Times and Saskatchewan Review. 19 July 1884.

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