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The Quebec Agitation
The Queen v. Louis Riel / with an introd. by Desmond Morton.
The Queen vs. Louis Riel, accused and convicted of the crime of high treason : report of trial at Regina : appeal to the Court of Queen's bench, Manitoba : appeal to the Privy council, England : petition for medical examination of the convict : list of petitions for commutation of sentence, Ottawa.
The Question of Louis Riel's Insanity
La Question Riel : discours de M. Tassé : prononcé devant le "Cercle Lafontaine" d'Ottawa, le 19 février 1886.
La question Riel / lettre de l'Hon. J. A. Chapleau.
La question Riel : les griefs de métis.
La question Riel. Opinion de leurs grandeurs Mgr Taché et Mgr Laflèche.

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