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R. L. Gibson to A. E. M. Hewlett. 1940 - 1942.
The Rebellion at Lac La Biche
A Rebellion Diary
A Rebellion Letter
Rebellion of 1885. Diary of George B. Murphy of Qu'Appelle. Transport Officer in the Battleford Column. n.d.
Rebellion road. Taken in the Batoche District. 1947.
Recollections of 1885. 28 November 1934.
Recollections of the Riel Rebellion in 1885 in the North-West / by members of the 7th Fusiliers of London, Ontario.
Recollections, reflections and items from the diary of Captain (now Lt. Colonel) A. Hamlyn Todd, who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that expedition. 1923.
Red Crow, warrior chief / Hugh A. Dempsey
Red River exodus.
Regina, the Queen City / by Earl G. Drake
Reminiscences by Harry Keenan of Macdowall, Sask. 192-?
Reminiscences of a bungle / by one of the bunglers.
Reminiscences of a pioneer in Saskatchewan. 1927.
Reminiscences of early days in Battleford and with Middleton's column / by R. C. Laurie ; recollections of incidents of travel, early surveys, Poundmaker racket in 1884, Fish Creek, Batoche, Frog Lake massacre, pursuit of Big Bear, etc.
Reminiscences of Fort MacLeod in 1885 / Bertie W. Antrobus. The North-West Mounted Policeman : a character sketch / by an ex-Policeman.
The Reminiscences of Louis Cochin, O.M.I., A Veteran Missionary Of the Cree Indians and a Prisoner in Poundmaker's Camp in 1885
Reminiscences of Patrick Henry, presented to the Prince Albert Historical Association. 192-?
Reminiscences of pioneer days in Saskatchewan. April 1923.
Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions
Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions : with a record of the raising of Her Majesty's 100th regiment in Canada : and, a chapter on Canadian social & political life / by Major Boulton, commanding Boulton's scouts.
Report of Lieutenant-colonel W. H. Jackson : deputy adjutant-general, principal supply, pay and transport officer of the North-West forces and chairman of war claims commission, on matters in connection with the suppression of the rebellion in the North-West Territories, in 1885 ; presented to Parliament.
Report of Major General Laurie : commanding base and lines of communication, upon matters in connection with the suppression of the Rebellion in the North-West Territories in 1885.
Report of the Brigade Surgeon of the state of the column under command of Major General Middleton, from the formation at Troy until arrival at Prince Albert
Report upon the suppression of the rebellion in the North-west territories and matters in connection there-with, in 1885 : presented to Parliament.
Report upon the suppression of the rebellion in the Northwest Territories.
Reported path of Middleton's men, west shore, Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
Retracing the old trail.
Return (in part) to an address of the House of Commons, dated 5th March, 1886; for copies of all documents forming the record in the cases of Her Majesty against the different parties tried in connection with the late rebellion, including the jury lists, the names of the jurors, the lists of the jurors empanelled, the motions and affidavits filed, the evidence, the incidents of the trial, the charges of the judge, the names of the judges who tried the different cases, the names of the counsel for the prosecution and for the defense, the pleas entered, the verdicts and the sentences, and, in short, of every document whatever relating to the said trials. By command J.A. Chapleau, Secretary of State. Ottawa, 15 March 1886.
La révolte des métis : Louis Riel, héros ou rebelle? / Georges Cerbelaud Salagnac.
Riel: A criticism and a response: The man who couldn't quote straight, a response by Thomas Flanagan.
Riel: A criticism and a response: Thomas Flanagan's Riel: an unfortunate obsession: A review by Murray Dobbin.
Riel : a life of revolution / Maggie Siggins.
Riel, réponse à monsieur J. A. Chapleau / par Ernest Tremblay.
Riel à M. Pierre Lavallée, Summer, 1883, Le Manitoba, 18 June, 1885
The Riel Agitation and the Rebellion
Riel and the Metis : Riel mini-conference papers / A. S. Lussier, editor.
Riel and the Rebellion, 1885 reconsidered / Thomas Flanagan.
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case
The Riel Case Stated by Mr. Girouard
Riel contre l'église catholique : aux Canadiens-français.
The Riel Debate
The Riel Debate
Riel diary, lost 1885, found 1970. Transcribed from original manuscript. Translation by Denise Dawes.
Riel follower dies in New York. left library, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. 15 January 1952.
The Riel Outbreak
The Riel Outbreak
The Riel Rebellion, 1885.
The Riel Rebellion. A battery going to the front.
The Riel rebellion. A convoy of Northwest police on the march.
The Riel Rebellion. Attacking a Canadian supply steamer on the Saskatchewan.
The Riel Rebellion. cause and many interesting facts respecting the outbreak. 1 November 1919.
The Riel Rebellion. Facsimiles of sketches furnished to the Montreal Star.
The Riel Rebellion : how it began : how it was carried on : and its consequences.
The Riel Rebellion. Quelling a mutiny of teamsters.
The Riel Rebellion. Scenes in the Saskatchewan country.
The Riel Rebellion. Wounded carried to the rear from the fight at Fish Creek.
The Riel Rebellion in northwest Canada / by R. Machray.
Riel Rebellion of 1885 - newspaper clippings
The Riel Rebellion of 1885. Witness Printing House, Montreal. 1885.
A Riel Rebellion Story
The Riel Rebellions, a cartographic history = Le récit cartographique des affaires Riel / compiled by William A. Oppen.
The Riel Trial Revisited: Criminal Procedure and the Law in 1885
Riel's Money Claim on the Country
Riel's Second Rebellion
Rifleman Forin in the Riel Rebellion
River lot three: Settlement life on the North Saskatchewan
River Road, river lots and river concessions, near Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
Rocky Mountain Rangers
Ross, H. E. to Mrs. Edmund Tett. 1 March 1932.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police / by L. Charles Douthwaite
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police / R.C. Fetherstonhaugh
Rural municipality no. 373 Aberdeen. 19--?
Rural municipality no. 401 Hoodoo. 19--?
Rural municipality no. 402 Fish Creek. 19--?

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