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S. R. Moore to A. S. Morton. 30 November 1923.
Saskatchewan, a history / John H. Archer for the Saskatchewan Archives Board
Saskatchewan / Edward McCourt
Saskatchewan l884-85: L'enquête de L'abbé Gabriel Cloutier en 1886
Saskatchewan and Alberta: General History, 1870-1912
Saskatchewan Batoche National Historic Park/ Batoche Parc Historique National.
Saskatchewan Indians and the resistance of 1885. Two case studies.
Saskatchewan Landing, looking south. 1948.
The Saskatchewan rebellion.
Saskatoon Temperance Colony house (1883), used as a hospital in '85. Saskatoon, Sask. 1948.
Scene at the unveiling of the monument commemorating the Battle of Batoche, Batoche. 1930.
Scene at the unveiling of the monument commemorating the Battle of Batoche, Batoche. 1930.
Scene at the unveiling of the monument commemorating the Battle of Batoche, Batoche. 1930.
Scene of the Frog Lake massacre, April 2, 1885. 1925
Scrapbook of clippings and documents. 1885 to 1975.
Scrapbook of clippings and documents. September 1883 to 8 May 1885.
Scrapbook of clippings from the Montreal Daily Star. 25 February 1886 to 8 September 1887.
Les secrétaires de Riel : Louis Schmidt, Henry Jackson, Philippe Garnot.
Senator Hardisty's Prairies, 1849-1889 / J.G. MacGregor
Sir Thomas Roddick : his work in medicine and public life / by H. E. MacDermot, M.D.
Site of old Batoche house, with Caron house in the distance, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Site of the Roman Catholic church, Frog Lake, burned by the Indians, 1885. 1925
Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
Soldiering in Canada : recollections and experiences
Some Causes of Unrest Among Indians in the Early 80's 1924
Some experiences of the expedition of the North West Field Force as copied from a diary kept in my possession
Some tales of the Indians and their half brothers. 1920?
South Saskatchewan River and Fish Creek church steeple, Fish Creek, Sask. 1948.
South Saskatchewan River, looking north to Batoche, Sask. 1948.
Speech of Hon. E. Blake, M.P., on the disturbance in the North-West.
Speech of Hon. J. A. Chapleau on the motion made, before the House of Commons on the 11th March, 1886, to blame the government for having allowed the execution of Louis Riel : (from the official debates) House of Commons, March 24th, 1886.
Speech of Mr. Wilfrid Laurier, M.P. on the Riel question : delivered in the House of commons at Ottawa, March 16, 1886.
Speeches delivered by Hon. Edward Blake : the leader of the Liberal Party, and a synopsis of the debate on the home rule resolutions in the House of Commons.
Spence, Andrew, James Isbister and Charles Adams to the Hon. Sir Hector-Louis Langevin. 188-?
State of the Infantry Brigade 1885
Statement of Alexander Kindred pioneer at Moffat and Glenavon. 192-?
Statement of Edward Spencer. 1927.
Statement of W. D. Caswell's father about the Rebellion. 6 September - 19 November 1925.
Steamboats on the Saskatchewan
Steamer "Marquis".
Steele Narrows. A Saskatchewan historic site.
Store street in the old Batoche of 1885, Batoche, Sask. 1948.
The Story of Saskatchewan and its people / by John Hawkes
Strange empire, a narrative of the Northwest.
Summary. 1884?
Superintendent Deane of Mounted Police
Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885 / by General Sir Fred Middleton ; edited, with introduction by G. H. Needler.
A Surgeon with the Alberta Field Force
A Survey of Louis Riel's Poetry
Surveyors at war: A. O. Wheeler's Diary of the North-West Rebellion
Sweat and Struggle : working class struggles in Canada / by Jack Scott

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