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W. B. Cameron (of Frog Lake) at farm instructor's. Poundmaker Reserve, Paynton, Sask. 1947.
W. H. Jackson to unidentified person. 188-?
Wandering Spirit. 1885
Water power wheel on bank of Frog Creek. Freighted from Qu'Appelle by oxen, 1884. 1925
A Well-Known Document is Located
Western Manitoba and the 1885 Rebellion
The Western Métis After the Insurrection
What has been accomplished, The Winnipeg Daily Sun. 6 February 1884.
When Poundmaker marched on Battleford. 1927?
Whereas the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and temporal and commons in Parliament assembled has permitted.... 1884?
Whereas the policy of the Government of the Union or Dominion of Canada.... 1884?
Who was the 'Fine Young Man'? The Frog Lake 'Massacre' Revisited
William Dillon Otter to Major A. H. Todd. 4 July 1885.
William Henry Jackson (1861 - 1952) Riel's secretary. Another case of involuntary commitment? Sept. 1977.
William Henry Jackson: Riel's secretary.
With the Midland Battalion to Batoche
The Woman's Sphere: Domestic life at Riel house and Dalnavert

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