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Science Library

Science Library Staff
Librarians and Library Assistants


General Inquires & Circulation Desk: email (306) 966-1906

JoAnn Murphy: Head, Science Library, Engineering Library, and Student Learning Services (306) 966-5960

DeDe Dawson: Science Librarian, Biology (Primary Contact), Chemistry, Geological Sciences (Primary Contact) (306) 966-6049

Li Zhang: Science Librarian, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Engineering Physics (306) 966-1913

Virginia Wilson: Science Librarian, Biology, Geological Sciences (306) 966-5978

Dr. Yelena Pancheshnikov: Science Librarian, College of Agriculture & Bioresources (306) 966-5997

Brenda Butler: Branch Supervisor, Science and Engineering Libraries (306) 966-6038

Beth Matheson: Library Assistant (306) 966-6048

Megan Johnson: Library Assistant (306) 966-6048

Steven Kabernack: Library Assistant (306) 966-1910