Bibliography of References Related to Seed Dormancy and/or Germination in Higher Plants

This is a database of 12,000 items compiled by Prof. G.M. Simpson, Plant Sciences Department, College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan. The Seed Bibliography covers material from the world literature on seed dormancy and germination from the 1890's to 1998. Whereas recent publication on seeds is becoming very accessible through electronic indexes such as Agricola, CAB Abstracts, and Seed Abstracts, the significance of Prof. Simpson's database lies particularly in its coverage of the early literature.

Many entries in this bibliography include cross references to abstracts in the BIBOAT file. BIBOAT is another electronic database of approximately 1,200 items maintained by Prof. Simpson relating specifically to seed dormancy in the wild oat. An annotated bibliography of 864 items: Seed Dormancy in the Wild Oat (Avena fatua L.): An Annotated Bibliography 1850-1987 was printed from the BIBOAT file in 1988 and is available in the University of Saskatchewan Library collection.

Here are some additional works by G.M. Simpson.