The Saskatchewan News Project showcases the people and events that have shaped Saskatchewan throughout the decades. The project aims to make history exciting and accessible by telling the story of Saskatchewan's development through original newspaper stories. These stories reveal the ideas and aspirations of the people who built Saskatchewan--they allow the voices of the past to speak in their own words. In addition to providing a comprehensive record of historical events, newspapers offer the additional advantages of immediacy and local perspective.

The Project covers the history of Saskatchewan newswriting from the early Regina Leader of the 1880's to the present day newspapers; we have included major civic papers in addition to more topical papers such as The Western Producer. The site is comprised of two separate yet interconnected components: the Top News Stories and The Saskatchewan News Index.

The Top Stories section is organized around major thematic headings which demonstrate the distinctive character of the province. The "top" newspaper articles were selected as representative accounts of critical moments in Saskatchewan's history; the Project team based their editorial decisions on original research and in consultation with archivists and University of Saskatchewan faculty (History and Political Studies).

The Saskatchewan News Index is the first digital resource which brings together Saskatchewan newspaper indexes and compiles them in an easily searched database. This component of the Project enables the user to research virtually any topic explored by a Saskatchewan newspaper. This is a dynamic project which will evolve to accommodate current news items.

The Saskatchewan News Project is a unique resource which demonstrates both the national and local significance of the stories told in Saskatchewan newspapers. As the home of John Diefenbaker, the birthplace of Medicare and the NDP, and the site of the Northwest Rebellion, Saskatchewan makes headlines! Enjoy your visit.