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Telephones Become Crown Corporation

Regina Leader-Post
May 9, 1947. p.3

Saskatchewan's public telephone system, now administered as a department of the provincial government, will be converted into a crown corporation June 1, Acting Premier C. M. Fines announced Friday.

Mr. Fines said the new crown corporation will be known as Saskatchewan Government Telephones and it will take over "ownership, construction, maintenance, operation, management and control" of the province's telephone system.

The present minister of telephones, Hon. C. C. Williams, will continue to exercise regulatory functions with the corporation carrying out all administrative functions.

Provision for the change was made in legislation passed at the last session of the legislature, Mr. Fines said the change was aimed at "separating the administrative and regulatory functions of the telephones department."

Chairman of the new corporation will be Mr. Williams and with him on the board of directors will be Agriculture Minister I. C. Nollet, G. W. Cadbury, chief industrial excutive; D. H. F. Black, deputy industrial executive and J. A. Young, deputy provincial secretary.

Decision on the change was made by cabinet which was also given power by the legislature to convert the Saskatchewan Power commission into a crown corporation.