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Conflict And Struggle

Manitoba And Assiniboia

Regina Leader
June 19, 1884. p.2

Manitoba has been trying to get a slice from the eastern boundary of Assiniboia. The government, we understand, has very properly refused this. The Manitobans wanted to come up as far as Moosomin. This would take away a great deal of our most valuable territory and besides would force nearly 5,000 people into a province of which they had deliberately elected not to form a part -- a piece of gross injustice -- But happily there is no danger of Sir John Macdonald countenancing such a move.

Moreover an agitating spirit has taken hold in some parts of Manitoba, a spirit with which the farmers of the North-West have no sympathy. Agitation in an old feudal land where there are grievances and class rulers unwilling to redress them is at best a necessary evil, but in a new country like the North-West or Manitoba agitation is an unmitigated curse. Immigration is deterred and the inflow of capital stopped. Such agitation as that of the Farmersís Union in Manitoba can have no practical end which would not be accomplished soon and safely by friendly chat with one of the members of the present government.