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Bricks Fly in Fight Along Twelfth Avenue

Regina Leader-Post; Third Bulletin
July 1, 1935. p.1

Re: On-To-Ottawa Trek strikers & Regina Riot

It was reported that J. M. Toothill, Regina, had been injured by a police club. The extent of his injuries were not known.

Police were warning all to get off the streets.

It was impossible to get the complete names of the injurd.

Both hospitals were busy looking after the wounded.

The police were clearing out the side streets and allys off Eleventh avenue.

Terror reigned throughout the city.

There were reported to be numerous arrests in all quarters

Strikers were throwing bricks at shop windows.

Between Scarth and Eleventh avenue all the windows were broken.

There seemed to be only a slight lull in the fighting at 10 o'clock but it was scattered.

A car running along Eleventh avenue shot above the heads of the crowd.

There was a crash of glass and the car vanished.

Premier Gardiner said at 10 o'clock that the provincial government had had no intimation that any action was to be taken tonight.

One striker was picked up outside the Unique Cafe with a broken arm.

Another striker was reported to have been shot at Scarth and Eleventh.

Injured were picked up by strikers and taken to hospital.

The police raided Unity Centre early in the fight and took a large quantity of literature. Some of the strikers at the Grey Uuns' hospital wre in custody of the mounted police.

At the Exhibition Grounds, after the first big clash on Market Square, crowds of strikers went back to the Stadium. They were armed with sticks and stones. The pickets told the men to stay where they were - in the Stadium.

In front of a cafe on Hamilton street strikers took down a Union Jack.

At 10:15 p.m. two more strikers were admitted to the Grey Nuns' hospital, one with head wounds and the other with bullet wounds in the leg.

Inspector Toop, city police, took charge of the general hospital at 10:20.

He ordered special doctors and nurses to give attention to injured strikers, citizens and police.

Detective Charles Millar was killed outside the police station.

One old man, whose name could not be immediately known, had his face split open. A woman broke her leg while she was trying to run away.

The ambulance was called and the injured man was taken in the police garage nearby. He lay there until an ambulance was there. People with bloody faces limped and ran as the battle developed into a running fight in all narby streets.

No sooner had the police got the strikers going in one direction than others came from the other. As the police dispatched one bunch of people so others came running from the side streets.

Fighting is going on on 12th avenue between police and strikers. Cars are being used to block streets.

At 9:15 tonight the mounted police had surrounded Unity Centre. There were horses and foot police present. The fight was still going on in certain quarters. Rocks and stones were flying.

Both police and strikers were declining to give out the names of the injured.

One striker came in the hospital with bullet wounds, it was reported.

Police galloped down sidewalks and then started clearing side streets.

Strikers fled down Twelfth avenue ater a fight in front of the Grand theatre.

Their ranks split at Lorne street.

Some headed north, others south.

A mounted policeman feel from his horse at this point.

Thousands of people gathered on downtown streets.

Hysterical women were helped into store.

Some admit defeat. Two exhausted strikers found brief refuge in a Twelfth avenue lunch counter.

"We've got to retreat," one admitted.

They sat on the floor unable to move.

At 9:30 a striker or sympathizer was shot in both legs on Cornwall street between 11th and 12th avenues. Strikers bound up his injuries at the Silver Castle stand.

Strike pickets were endeavoring to clear the men off Scarth street.

It was an impossible job.

Strikers were reported at 9:30 to be fighting it out at Cornwall street and 11th.

Scores of windows were being broken.

There was a terrific jam of cars.

At 9:30 the strikers were reported marching in formation north in the 18 block Scarth. They were singing "Hold the Fort for We Are Coming."