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Campus parking review proposed

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
August 6, 1969 p.3

A major review of parking regulations in the vicinity of the university campus has been called for by Mayor Buckwold.

The area around the university has developed into a real bottleneck, Mayor Buckwold said, suggesting a complete review of the situation should be undertaken by the city's engineering department before classes commence in September.

He recommended a possible two-hour parking limit on streets, adding it is not the city's responsibility to provide all-day parking for university students.

Mayor Buckwold, who previously lived within a block of the university, said the Nutana area is one of the nicest residential areas in the city.

But Ald. Owen Mann, who also lives in the immediate vicinity, said he would not support a two-hour restriction unless all residents want such a time limit.

In a recorded vote, council approved by a seven-to-four majority a proposal that a road from the three student housing complexes on Cumberland Avenue would exit on 14th Street at Leslie Avenue with a further roadway to be constructed to exit on Cumberland at Colony Street.

Ald. D. H. Koyl said permitting traffic from the area to flow onto 14th Street would create a traffic hazard, and suggested traffic should exit on Preston Avenue instead. He was supported by Ald. George Ward, Ald. W. A. Milne and Ald. Evelyn Edwards.