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Grain for fees plan opposed

Regina Leader Post
August 10, 1970 p.3

Student officials from the University of Saskatchewan said Monday they would not be supporting the grain for tuition fee program for the upcoming year.

In a joint statement, Fred Cuddington, Regina Campus Students' Union president, Dave Erickson, Saskatoon president and Larry Brown, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Students, said there were many drawbacks to the program.

They said only a small number of students would benefit from the program and those people would be able to pay only a small portion of their tuition fees in grain.

The program this year has been restricted to oats and barley. With the demand for barley on the grain markets, students will lose money by participating in the program, they said.

Grain for fees also discriminates against students in the cities and those who live too far from delivery points to participate, they said.

"We were recently informed by the department of agriculture that they would be unwilling to pay transportation costs, and this is another factor which weighed heavily on our decision," they added.

The three presidents criticized the provincial government for being the only province without supplementary aid to students, besides the federal student loan plan. Because of the employment situation and the lack of provincial aid, many students will be in grave financial difficulty, they said.