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Cote unaware of rape issue

Regina Leader-Post
March 12, 1971 p.2

OTTAWA (STAFF) - Tisdale's land of rape and honey slogan got a brief mention in the House of Commons Wednesday, but the minister responsible for the post office didn't appear to know what it was all about.

Former prime minister John Diefenbaker, whose Prince Albert constituency embraces Tisdale, raised the question as very serious matter.

He attributed to Postmaster-General Jean-Pierre Cote the ruling that the town's slogan was too indelicate to be used on a stamp cancellation, and asked if the minister had been aware that both products were mentioned in diversification suggestions by the agriculture minister and by the minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board.

"Why does he deny that portion of Saskatchewan, indeed the whole province, which has an international reputation for the production of those two products, their use of these words on the cancellation," he said.

Mr. Cote looked puzzled as he rose to reply, and said: "I am lost, Mr. Speaker."

Reacting with delight, Mr. Diefenbaker declared this to be the most intelligent answer the government has given. He invited the minister to acquaint himself with the facts, as had been dealt with at length on national television and in the newspapers, and reverse the asinine decision.

What would he do, Mr. Cote replied, is to read the question and answer and try to give another intelligent answer.

Later, Mr. Diefenbaker told reporters, according to a Canadian Press report from Ottawa that it was hard to understand why the post office was so offended at Tisdale's application when in Parliament's recent "lexicon of lewdness," you can say almost anything.