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Indian Reserves To Be Given To Soldiers
Major MacInnes Responsible For Statement To This Effect

Regina Morning Leader
November 27, 1918. p.10

Pasquel Hills and Porcupine Forest reserves are to be turned over to the soldier settlement board for the returned men according to the opinion expressed by Major McInnes, Dominion land agent at Saskatoon, who has been corresponding with the department of the interior on the project.

Some time ago this matter was taken up, and the veterans of Saskatchewan, after getting the information about the forest reserves, deemed them valuable parts of the province where returned soldiers could be given land.

There are millions of acres of first-class farming land on these two reserves, the land is situated close to railways and is admirable for soldier settlement, according to the opinion of experts. A very large proportion of returned soldiers will want to go to farming according to their expressed wishes, and while the land available on these two reserves would not be sufficient to give a half section to every soldier who wishes to settle in this province, still it would provide homesteads for a great number of them.

Field notes and reports have been sent to the department at Ottawa and Major McInnes states he has every hope that within a short time the two forset reserves will be thrown open to the soldiers for land settlement.