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Liberals Carry Saskatchewan--
Scott Government Sustained But By A Very Narrow Majority
Thirteen Constituencies Elect Liberals--Nine Provincial Rights--
All The Ministers Returned--W.C. Sutherland Wins In Saskatoon

Saskatoon Phoenix
December 14, 1905. p.1

Incomplete returns after a hard fought and closely contested election throughout the Province of Saskatchewan, yesterday gave thirteen Liberals returned, nine Provincial Rights men with three seats in doubt. Fine weather and keen interest combined to bring out a large vote, as indicated from the divisions of all the constituencies so far as returns are to hand.

All the members of the Scott Government are returned. The Premier, Hon. Walter Scott, has a majority in Lumsden of over 150, which later returns will likely increase to 200. Hon. J. A. Calder, Minister of Education, was returned in South Regina with about 50 majority. Hon. J.H. Lamont, Attorney General, won out in Prince City in a three cornered fight, with only eight majority and over 100 disputed ballots, which increase or decrease his majority when passed upon in court. Hon. W.R. Motherwell is considered elected in North Qu'Appelle, but by a narrow majority.

South Qu'Appelle stood behind F.W. G. Haultain with a majority of 400, and J.T. Brown, in Souris, finished up with about 300 majority. All the other majorities fell below the 100 mark. Later and complete returns may show differently.

The figures point to a general support of the government by the farmers and rural districts, the towns going with the opposition, no figures are given from Batoche, but it is reported the Provincial Rights man will lose his deposit.

The contest in Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert cities were marked by a large number of disputed ballots, which leaves the issue in doubt in all three. With the probable retirement of Dr. Gilmour in case of a by-election in Prince Albert and the return of Government. Hon. J.H. Lamont is pretty certain to carry the seat, Moose Jaw gave J. H. Wellington, Provincial Rights, a majority of 52, with about 170 disputed. H.W. Laird has a majority under 20 in Regina City and a lot of disputed ballots to explain.

Returns from 36 polling divisions of Saskatoon give W.C. Sutherland 133 majority. The six remaining divisions are likely to increase that majority. The two divisions of Saskatoon town gave Dr. Munroe a majority of 25, Nutana 3, Riversdale 52, Smithville 47, and Dundurn 15. Sutherland scored in Hague with 46 majority, 27 in Langham, 30 at Dekker, 21 at Hauz, 20 at DeLisle, 16 at Park, and a score of places with 10 and under.

As the returns came rolling slowly in early last evening both sides had their turn to cheer as they read the result on The Phenix bulletin. Until nearly ten o'clock Dr. Munro led by a slight majority, and many went home believing he would be elected. But those who waited until midnight knew that Sutherland then had 45 majority and looked for better things in the morning.

The morning brought little change, and a 4 o'clock this afternoon the result is as stated above, with Sutherland 133 in the lead. Dr. Munro extended the glad hand to Mr. Sutherland in The Phenix office before noon today and seemed in as good spirits as the winner. Certainly Dr. Munroe stands higher in this community as a result of the fight he made and his party should recognize it.

Complete returns for Saskatoon and the Provinces will be published in next week's Phenix.

Following is the result in the province so far as received.


Battleford, A. Champagne, 56 polls give 76 majority.

Batoche, Wm. Grant Bouchier loses deposit.

Humbolt, Dr. Neeley.

Lumsden, Hon. Walter Scott, majority increasing.

Moose Jaw District, J. A. Sheppard 100 majority.

Qu'Appelle (north) Hon. W. R. Motherwell, safe majority.

Prince Albert City Hon. J. H. Lamont 8 majority.

Redberry, Geo. Langley.

Regina (south) Hon. J. A. Calder, 50 majority.

Rosthern, G. Ens.

Saltcoats, Thomas McNutt.

Saskatoon, Thos. Sutherland.

Yorkton, J. Garry.


Grenfell Dr. Argue 12 polls out 19 give 183 majority.

Maple Creek D. J. Wylie, 103 majority

Moose Jaw City J. H. Wellington, 52 majority.

Moosomin Dr. Ellis, 133 majority.

Qu'Appelle (south) F.W. G.Haultain, 15 polls give 400 majority.

Regina City, H.W. Laird.

Souris, J. T. Brown.

Whitewood A. B. Gillis, 187 majority.

Wolseley Dr. Elliott, in doubt.

Cannington, Kinistino, Prince Albert District.