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Klan Again In Politics Here?
Imperial Wizard Says “Ask Dr. Johnstone If Secret Order Active”

Regina Leader Post
June 4, 1932. p.2

The Ku Klux Klan loomed up again in the Saskatchewan political scene Saturday, with the hint that Klan activities had brought about the defeat of Dr. D. S. Johnstone’s anti-Anderson movement at the Moose Jaw Conservative convention.

The hint came from J. W. Rosborough, Imperial Wizard of the Klan, himself, in a letter to The Leader-Post.

If there is any question of whether or not the Klan is active, “Would you mind asking Dr. D. S. Johnstone if he thinks it is?” writes Mr. Rosborough.

Dr. Johnstone, whose presidential address Thursday at the Moose Jaw Conservative convention caused a sensation, but led to complete triumph for supporters of Premier J. T. M. Anderson, could not be reached in connection with the Klan letter.

The Letter

The letter follows:

“I was very much interested in a fac-simile photo of a post office document from Lang, Sask., which was published in The Leader-Post of June 3rd. There have been several comments in the press recently about French on official documents, postage, etc., and questions as to what the Klan is going to do about it. The officials of the Klan have not replied to these remarks but I wish to say that the Klan has already publicly made known their stand on this matter and have not changed their principles one iota.

“It is not the policy of the Klan to broadcast what it is doing, although when first organized there was a great deal of publicity, but this was largely put in by others and not the Klan and we do not propose to answer all comments that may be made about us in the press. It was never the intention of the Klan to be in “Party Politics” but we were forced to take a definite stand in 1929 by the open opposition of the leader of the government of that day.

“I have been asked several times within the last few days if the Klan is still active and the only statement I wish to make is “Would you mind asking Dr. D. S. Johnstone if he thinks it is?”

“Thanking you for space to print the above,
“Imperial Wizard, Ku Klux Klan,