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Grain Growers
Regina Leader. January 9, 1902

Lectured On Good Seed
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. January 25, 1906

Cooperation In The West
Regina Leader. January 2, 1914

History Of The Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Movement
Regina Leader Post. February 19, 1919

News And Views Of The Farmers' Union Of Canada
Western Producer. February 25, 1926

Growth Of Farm Organisation
Western Producer. December 8, 1927

Drastic Wheat Control Law For Emergencies
Provinces Get Parallel Bills
Regina Leader Post. March 14, 1934

Delay Wheat Board Set-Up Until July
No Control If Sask. Crop Fails
Regina Leader Post. March 15, 1934

Shoot Cattle? Shaunavon Farmer Group Threatens
Drastic Action When Own Pasture Badly Damaged
Regina Leader Post. June 19, 1937

Drive To Aid West
Regina Leader Post. July 7, 1937

Relief For South Drouth Area
2,000 Farmers Benefit By Dugout Work
Regina Leader Post. October 8, 1938

Wheatgrass Grows Ton To The Acre On North "Desert"
Regina Leader Post. August 12, 1939

P.F.R.A. Completes 13th Year:
Freedom From Drought Its Aim
Regina Leader Post. April 5, 1949

R.C.M.P. To Kill 1,350 Animals
Regina Leader Post. February 25, 1952

Emergency Cash Problem
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. July 15, 1957

Feud Over Grain Sales
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. February 4, 1961

"Coweer" Stumps Experts
Regina Leader Post. May 14, 1962

Ravages Of Great Depression Hit Every Corner Of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. June 8, 1965

Most Sask. Farmers Survived Tough Year
Regina Leader Post. January 2, 1971

Gov't Sees More of Same in '74
Farm Boom Leading Sask. to New Highs
Regina Leader Post. September 26, 1973

Crunch-Time For Crow
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. December 3, 1994

Crow Debate
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August 3, 1995