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Beginnings and Landmarks

A Large And Representative Meeting
Regina Leader. April 12, 1883

Saskatoon Temperance Colony
Regina Leader. August 21, 1884

Northwest Rebellion
Regina Leader. April 28, 1885

Has The Time Come For Provincial Autonomy
Regina Leader. April 9, 1896

Softly, Dear Herald!
Regina Leader. January 28, 1897

A Square Look At The Question of Provincial Establishment
Regina Leader. October 13, 1898

North West Provinces
Regina Leader. December 20, 1900

Haultain Roblin
Regina Leader. December 26, 1901

Vanguard Of Barr Colonists
The Daily Phoenix. April 10, 1903

Two Provinces
Regina Leader. February 3, 1904

Two Provinces Created For The West:
Saskatchewan And Alberta
Saskatoon Phoenix. February 24, 1905

First Provincial Legislature Of Saskatchewan Opened
Saskatoon Phoenix. April 4, 1906

No Votes For The Women
Saskatoon Phoenix. February 11, 1907

Saskatchewan Cities
Regina Morning Leader. January 6, 1910

Saskatchewan Cities At A Glance
Regina Morning Leader. January 3, 1911

Soldier Settlement Board Will Clear Western Scrub Land
And Sell To Veterans
Regina Morning Leader. October 14, 1919

Army Of Men Placed On Prairie Farms
By Soldier Settlement
Regina Morning Leader. September 2, 1920

Intrepid Girl Lawyer Making Pioneer Move
Regina Morning Leader. November 29, 1924

Inexperienced Settlers Are Making Excellent Progress
Regina Morning Leader. June 30, 1926

First Ministry Formed in Saskatchewan In 1905,
4 Premiers Were Liberals
Regina Morning Leader. September 13, 1929

Resources Now Our Own
Regina Morning Leader. October 3, 1930

How Provinces Set Up In 1905 As New Entity
Regina Leader Post. June 9, 1934

Telephones Become Crown Corporation
Regina Leader Post. May 9, 1947

Regina's Last Regular Street Car Run Saturday
Regina Leader Post. September 9, 1950

Saskatchewan's First White Man Here in 1692
Regina Leader Post. April 11, 1961

The Birth Of The Province Of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 11, 1952

One Of the Biggest Home-Building Booms In City's History
Expected This Year
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. May 6, 1953

Bishop Lloyd's Son Recalls Founding
Of Present Lloydminster By British
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. July 22, 1953

Reginan's Get First Look At New Walk-Wait System
Regina Leader Post. October 25, 1954

RCMP Traditions Centre In Regina
Regina Leader Post. May 16, 1955

Two Saskatchewan Indians Appointed Reserve Agents.
First Time In History
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 25, 1959

Honor Doukhobors
Western Producer. June 25, 1959

Most People Favor Canada Having Own Flag, Anthem
Prince Albert Herald. June 11, 1962

Province Termed Health "Pioneer"
Regina Leader Post. July 24, 1962

Friendly Concern For People:
How Boxing Day Came To Prairies
Regina Leader Post. December 24, 1964

Sask. on CST on April 24
Regina Leader Post. April 15, 1966

CBC Station For City Approved
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. May 4, 1967

Legal Aid Plan Spreads Throughout Province
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. October 6, 1967

Giant Sask. Mill Opened
Regina Leader Post. October 11, 1968

Dedication Ceremony Unfurls First Sask. Flag
Regina Leader Post. September 23, 1969

Hiring of Indians, Metis to be Mandatory in Sask.
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 26, 1970

Mount Blackstrap Settles Into Its New Home
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. October 20, 1970

New Information Signposts To Be Installed Near Towns
Regina Leader Post. September 12, 1973