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Higher Education

University Extension Movement
Regina Leader. November 13, 1902

Prof. Murray Is Made President
Saskatoon Phoenix. August 21, 1908

University Of Saskatchewan Will Be Located
In The City Of Saskatoon
Regina Morning Leader. April 8, 1908

Saskatchewan Homemakers' Club
Regina Leader. April 15, 1911

New Era in Progress And Education
When People's University Opened
Regina Leader. May 2, 1913

Agricultural College Opens
Regina Leader. November 1, 1913

The University of Saskatchewan: The Start
Saskatoon Daily Star. July 15, 1926

Teacher Made Physics Interesting
So She Chose It For A Life Career
Regina Leader Post. February 13, 1952

Contrast To University Of Saskatchewan.
Province's Second University Began Quietly
Regina Leader Post. February 25, 1961

Rename Chem. Building: Honor Thorvaldson
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 13, 1963

Students Protest Increased Fees
Strike Threats Subdued
Regina Leader Post. January 27, 1968

175 Apply To Pay Fees With Barley
Regina Leader Post. August 5, 1969

Homemakers' Club Encouraged Women
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August, 1984

Extension Program Has Grown With Province
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August, 1984