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Batoche Taken, Riel Captured
Regina Leader. May 19, 1885

Dumont's Escape
Regina Leader. June 2, 1885

Riel Executed
Regina Leader. November 19, 1885

An Indian Spreads Death [Almighty Voice]
Regina Leader. June 3, 1897

Mrs. McNaughton Talks On Woman's Work
Regina Leader. December 29, 1917

Widow Of Member To Contest Seat [Mrs. Ramsland]
Regina Leader. March 12, 1919

Mrs. Ramsland Is Making Strong Run In Pelly
Regina Morning Leader. July 23, 1919

Canada's V.C. Heroes: Sergt. Hugh Cairns, V.C., D.M.C.
Regina Morning Leader. November 8, 1919

Province Will Have Degree Of Political Control
Regina Morning Leader. May 14, 1928

The "Grey Owl" Mystery
Regina Leader Post. April 23, 1938

Boyhood Days Recalled By General
Regina Leader Post. May 16, 1944

Grand Old Man Of Saskatchewan Agriculture, Seager Wheeler,
Looks Back On Rich, Full Life
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 14, 1961

Girl Lone Survivor Of Mass Shooting At Shell Lake
Nine In Farm Family Slain
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August 16, 1967

Leask Man Charged In Mass Murder
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August 21, 1967

"Champion Of West" Honored By Province
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 23, 1969

Grey Owl: Champion Of Nature, Friend Of The Wild
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. May 1, 1971

Nobel Prize Winner Honored
By University, City [Gerhard Herzberg]
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. February 3, 1972

Gabriel Dumont:
A Rebel Who Won Deepest Respect
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. February 24, 1973

Wilson Rejects Decision Appeal [Doug Wilson]
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 6, 1976

Armory Given Cairns' Medal
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. November 10, 1977

Gay Rights Activist Doug Wilson, 42, Dead
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 29, 1992