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Public Works Dept. Good Roads Program
Saskatoon Phoenix. January 24, 1907

Business Booms At Chaplin
Sodium Sulphate Makes The Cash Register Ring
Regina Leader Post. March 13, 1951

Plan Ahead For The Big Day
When You Turn On The Lights
Western Producer. November 12, 1953

Fun And Flames Galore
Mark History Of Old Fire Engine
Regina Leader Post. June 19, 1954

Radio-Active Cobalt Arrives Here For Deep Therapy Cancer Work
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. July 30, 1957

Best Potash Plant In World For Sask.
Regina Leader Post. August 24, 1957

Public Works Dept. Good Roads Program
Saskatoon Phoenix. January 24, 1907

Sask. Dam Started In 1958,
But Many Problems Remain
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. January 3, 1959

Big Esterhazy Mine Close To Production
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 27, 1961

Discovery Of Significance:
Cretaceous Plesiosaur Up After 130 Million-Year Rest
Regina Leader Post. July 20, 1963

Milestone On The South Saskatchewan [Dam Opening]
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. February 20, 1964

University Opens New $1,750,000
Linear Electron Accelerator
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. November 7, 1964

Typing Unit For Handicapped Acclaimed
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. January 11, 1967

Rural Areas To Get Phones
Regina Leader Post. April 11, 1967

U of S Invention Will Aid Blood Readings In Surgery
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. November 6, 1967

Remains Of Ancient Sea Creature Found
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. July 3, 1971

University Boasts Two Nobel Winners
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. October 25, 1983

NASA Beams In
On U Of S Accelerator Gamma Rays
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. March 9, 1995