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Saskatoon Girl Makes New Record
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. 1928

Fitting Reception Is Planned
For Regina Pats This Afternoon
Regina Daily Post. March 31, 1930

Semi-Annual Meeting Of C.A.H.A.
Puck Delegates Huddle This Weekend In Regina
Regina Leader Post. January 4, 1952

Curling Organized in 1904
Regina Leader Post. May 16, 1952

Saskatoon Lad Olympic Winner
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. July 26, 1952

Pro Hockey's Golden Era
Regina Leader Post. May 15, 1955

Boxing Popular Sport In 1920's
Regina Leader Post. May 16, 1955

Sunday Sport Issue May Go To Voters
Regina Leader Post. July 8, 1955

Saskatchewan Humbles Ottawa...To Win First Grey Cup
Regina Leader Post. November 28, 1966

Those Spectacular Riders Made Believers Of A Nation
Regina Leader Post. November 28, 1966

U of S Captures Crown
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. November 12, 1968

Distance Men Under Spotlight
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. June 9, 1969

22,000 Fans Show Devotion For No. 34
Regina Leader Post. October 9, 1973

Regina Gets West Games
Regina Leader Post. October 29, 1973

Saskatonians Hailed "Their" Hockey Hero
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August 14, 1982

The Tougher Side of Howe
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 25, 1993

Power Plays
Saskatoon Sun. October 3, 1993