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Conflict and Struggle

Manitoba And Assiniboia
Regina Leader. June 19, 1884

Riel Rebellion
Regina Leader. August 13, 1885

Regina Leader. January 28, 1890

The Point Reached
Regina Leader. October 26, 1899

Sun Dances Stopped
Saskatoon Phoenix. June 5, 1903

The Doukhobors Again
Saskatoon Phoenix. August 22, 1906

City Devastated:
Hundreds Homeless And Hospitals Unable To Contain The Injured
Saskatoon Daily Star. July 1, 1912

Women Receive The Vote From Scott Government
At Memorable St. Valentine's Day Ceremony
Regina Morning Leader. February 15, 1916

Indian Reserves To Be Given To Soldiers
Regina Leader Post. November 27, 1918

Employees Ask Cut In Wage Of Women Workers
Regina Morning Leader. January 12, 1923

Membership Ku Klux Klan 46,500, He Says
Regina Morning Leader. July 4, 1927

Ku Klux Klan Not Dead Yet
Regina Leader Post. October 5, 1927

Fierce Clash When Police Halt Parade
Regina Leader Post. September 29, 1931

Bricks Fly In Fight Along Twelfth Avenue
Regina Leader Post. July 1, 1935

Bad Business [Dominion Day Riots]
Regina Leader Post. July 2, 1935

Eye-Witnesses Tell Dramatic Story Of Dominion Day Riots
Regina Leader Post. December 11, 1935

Black-Out Proves Complete Success In City Thursday
[W.W. II Homefront]
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 19, 1941

Indian Act Hearing: Gains And Losses
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. September 4, 1954

P.A. Pen Not Squelched In Hurry: Fires Put Out
Regina Leader Post. July 13, 1955

5,000 Miles Of Railway Mileage To Be Abandoned In West
Within Decade, F.C.L. Told
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. January 17, 1962

Klan Gained Hold In Saskatchewan
Winnipeg Free Press. May 8, 1965

Trudeau Turns Wrath On Insulting Signs
Regina Leader Post. July 17, 1969

Campus Parking Review Proposed
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. August 6, 1969

Grain For Fees Opposed
Regina Leader Post. August 10, 1970

Cote Unaware Of Rape Issue
Regina Leader Post. March 17, 1971

Flood Couldn't Dampen Spirits
Regina Leader Post. April 12, 1971

Police Try To Get Indians On Force
Prejudice Possibility Cited
Regina Leader Post. May 8, 1972

Judge Rules Movie Obscene
Regina Leader Post. September 27, 1973

Story of Regina Hurricane Still Awe-Inspiring 80 Years Later
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. June 29, 1992

Latimer Guilty
Saskatoon Star Phoenix. November 12, 1994