The list presented here is a very selective one. Its purpose is to provide the

names of some of the more significant general titles published across Canada

during the 1980s and ‘90s.  As is the case with other sections of this

bibliography, important titles may well have been missed, particularly those

from smaller Canadian centres, and titles judged to be of lesser significance

may have crept in.  If this has occurred, I offer my apologies.  The list is

presented, with its faults, as a starting point for more detailed investigations

through reference to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and other

archival collections, and to the periodicals work of Alan Miller.


The large majority of titles in this section has been extracted from several

broader lists generously provided for my use by Alan V. Miller of the

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Toronto (CLGA).  Alan Miller has

created and maintains what is one of  the largest international lists of gay/lesbian

periodicals, a list which now comprises more than 7,000 titles and which, at the

time of this compilation, is accessible through the CLGA website (address in the

INTERNET section of this list).


Some of the French-language titles in this section have been drawn from the

catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec. The length of runs of these

is often unknown and titles were accepted based solely on their availability through

this important depository body.  Not all titles listed by the BNQ were included,

however.  The interested reader might wish to check further with the Archives gaies

du Québec for possible additional information on these and other French-language titles.


Titles that have been included have each been produced in a significant number

of issues, and in most cases over at least two consecutive years. Most, but not

all, titles are of quite general interest and are offered to the user to provide a

broad overview of the Canadian situation for the period of publication.  An

attempt was made to provide titles from many different areas of the country.


For some perspective on Canadian glbt periodical output, on the size of the

following list relative to the population of Canadian glbt periodicals, and on

the resulting difficulties in choice for inclusion, the user might like to know

that, as of early 2001, the catalogue of the CLGA lists more than 1,100

Canadian gay/lesbian periodical titles of various sorts. Some of these have

had or are having long runs and others have ended after one issue. Titles

have been published for many different purposes. Those of narrower subject

focus, which are in the vast majority, are generally not listed here. Specialized

periodical lists, such as that of Alan Miller, are required for adequate treatment

of these.  Thus there are many AIDS newsletters, titles of university and college

glbt organizations, periodicals issued by local gay religious groups, titles of gay

sports leagues, works directed to minority groups within the Canadian glbt

community, titles for those with specific sexual preferences or fetishes, gay

business magazines and catalogues, and Pride Day annuals, to name some

of the categories, which will not be found in this list. The existence and

availability of these should be kept in mind by the serious researcher or

the reader with special interests. Contact the Canadian Lesbian and Gay

Archives or visit its website for additional information.


As a final point, the user should note that the CLGA holdings information

that is given below is abbreviated. Only years are provided, and no information

is given regarding issue numbers or completeness of runs within the date ranges.

An open entry (that is, one where there is no closing year given for a publication)

suggests, but is no guarantee, that the publication was ongoing near the time of

compilation of this list. More precise information, then, including information on

gaps, must be obtained from the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives or from

other collections carrying the titles.



Alternative: Newsletter for the Gay and Lesbian Resource Centre.

     Winnipeg, Man.: Winnipeg Gay/Lesbian Resource Centre (WGLRC).

                       CLGA holdings: 1991-


Angles: Vancouver’s Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Lesbian Magazine.

     Vancouver: Lavender Publishing Society of British Columbia.

                       CLGA holdings: 1983-1998.

                             Continues: VGCC News.


Archigai: bulletin des Archives gaies du Québec.

     Montréal: Archives gaies du Québec (AGQ).

                       CLGA holdings: 1992-


The Body Politic.

     Toronto: Pink Triangle Press.

                       Published: 1971-1987.

Although this title appears in both the first and second editions

of the earlier Homosexuality in Canada bibliographies, it bears

mentioning again here.  Through the 1970s and ‘80s, this

publication was the premier gay liberation periodical in Canada,

and played a vital role in the advancement of the Canadian situation.


      Canadian Lesbian and Gay History Network Newsletter = Bulletin du Réseau canadien

           de recherche en histoire lesbienne et gaie.

            Toronto: The Network, 1985-

                                    Annual (irregular); ISSN 0842-5655

                                    Issue #1 (Dec. 1985)-

                     Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 7747483.


Canadian Male.

     Toronto: Pink Triangle Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-1998.


Capital Xtra: Ottawa’s Lesbian and Gay Monthly.

     Ottawa, Ont.: Pink Triangle Press.

                                         CLGA holdings: 1993-


Centre/Fold: Newsletter of the Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies.

     Toronto: Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies (TCLGS).

                       CLGA holdings: 1990-

                       Issue no. 9 (1995) includes directory of glbt studies in Canada, by

                       Karen Duder.


Chicklist: Proudly Peddling Chick Power, Pleasure and Polemic.

     Toronto: c/o Pink Triangle Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1997- 


CLGRO News / Newsletter.

     Toronto: Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO) =

                        La Coalition pour les droits des lesbiennes et personnes gaies en Ontario.

                                    CLGA holdings: 1988-1999 or 2000[?].

                       Continued by: Outwords  (see entry below).

                       Continues: CGRO News.


Crossroads: A Quarterly Magazine for Transgendered People and Their Friends.

                Okotoks, Alta.: Published and edited by Michelle Hart.

                Vol. 1 (1999) -

Web site at, accessed January 15, 2003,

gives subtitle of posted issue as The ‘T’ Magazine for Western

Canada and Beyond! and states that the magazine is now available

in two formats – electronic and print.  Site, as of Jan. 15, 2003, states

that “Issue 1, vol. 3 ‘Fall’” would be available mid-January 2001.

Compiler does not know whether magazine is still being published.

<This link is unavailable as of May 2006>

For background information on Hart, with some information on the

                              publication, see Michael Riordon’s Eating Fire, pp. 247-249.


Le dire!: bulletin du Réseau de soutien pour les droits des gais et lesbiennes.

              Montréal: Amnistie internationale, Section canadienne francophone.



Divers Cité.

     Montréal: Divers/Cité Montréal.

                       CLGA holdings: 1994-



     Québec; Montréal: Être à Québec/Être à Montréal/Vox Pop Communications.

                       CLGA holdings: 1998-

                       Fusion de: Magaizine et de Vox Pop.         

                       Information for this entry is a merging of data from the Miller list and

the catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec.  Miller gives title as: Être à Québec.


Fab National: Canada’s Gay Lifestyle Magazine.

     Toronto: Michael Schwarz/Fab Publishing.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-


Fab : Ontario’s Gay Scene Magazine.

     Toronto: No Fear Publishing.

                       CLGA holdings: 1994-

Published every two weeks; description based on issue no. 145 (Aug. 17-30,

2000).  Earlier issues subtitled: Toronto’s Gay Scene/Lifestyle Magazine[?] or

Toronto’s Gay Lifestyle Magazine[?].


Fugues: le guide de nuit pour hommes.

     Montréal: Les Editions Nitram.

                       CLGA holdings: 1984-


GALE Force.

     Vancouver: Gay and Lesbian Educators of B.C. (GALE-BC), c/o Gay and Lesbian

              Centre (GLC).

                       CLGA holdings: 1992-



     See McLeod entry below for a book about this first Canadian

           gay tabloid, which appeared briefly in the mid-1960s.


Gazelle: le magazine des lesbiennes.

     Montréal: Les Editions Nitram.

                       CLGA holdings: 1993-


GDM Calendrier.

     Montréal: Groupe de discussion pour gais (GDM).

                       CLGA holdings: 1992-


Girl Cult: Girlkulturzine.

     London, Ont.: s.n.

                       CLGA holdings: 1995-


GLAS Umbrella.

     Orillia, Ont.: Gay and Lesbian Alliance [Association?] of Simcoe County.

                       CLGA holdings: 1992-

                       Some issues titled: Umbrella.


La Grand jaune.

     Montréal: Solidarité des gais et lesbiennes du Québec.

                       ca. 1992-


Groupe de discussion pour hommes gais francophones de l’Outaouais.

     Ottawa, Ont.:  c/o Centre communautaire Côte-de-Sable.

                       CLGA holdings: 1992-


Guard: Ottawa’s Gay Entertainment/Lifestyle Magazine.

     Ottawa, Ont.: Guard Magazine.

                       CLGA holdings: 1999-


The Heterosexism Enquirer.

                              See INTERNET section for fuller reference to this electronic magazine.


Icon Magazine.

     Toronto: Syzygy Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1994-1998. [Ceased?]

                       Continues: Lexicon.



     Rouyn-Noranda, Québec: Editions de l’Inédit.


                       “Journal idéologique et culturel de la communauté gaie de

                       l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue” – Bibliothèque nationale du Québec.



    Ottawa: Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE).

                Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 1988) –

User might also wish to see the EGALE web site, which carries many

documents, references, and links.


Info lesbo = Lesbo info.

     Montréal: Info lesbo.

               1992[?] –

Fait suite à/Continues: Project Lavender Bulletin = Bulletin du Projet lavande (see below).


Integral: publication officielle du Centre communautaire des gais et lesbiennes de Montréal.  

     Montréal: le Centre (CCGLM).

                       CLGA holdings: 1995-  [began 1994]

                       Cover subtitle: Le Journal du Centre des gais et lesbiennes.

                       Fait suite à/Continues: Menu du CCGLM.


Journal le communi gai de l’Association des gais et lesbiennes de l’Estrie.

     Sherbrooke, Québec: l’Association.

                       Fait suite à: Communi gai.

                       Vol. 1, no. 11 (hiver 1995)


L News: B.C.’s Premiere Lesbian Magazine.

     Victoria, B.C.: Victoria Lesbian Community Connections.

                       CLGA holdings: 1997-

                       Continues: Lesbian News.


Lavender Rhinoceros: Victoria’s Premiere Lesbian and Gay Magazine.

     Victoria, B.C.: Lavender Rhino, Lesbian Community Connections Foundation (LCC).

                       CLGA holdings: 1999-


Lesbian and Gay Archivist: Newsletter of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

     Toronto: Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA).

                       CLGA holdings: 1995-

                       Continues: Gay Archivist.


Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal of Toronto Newsletter.

     Toronto: LGCA.

                       CLGA holdings: 1988-

                       Earlier title: Gay Community Appeal of Toronto Newsletter.


Magaizine de Québec: le mensuel pour hommes et femmes seulement.

     Québec, QC: Magaizine de Québec.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-1998?

                       Fusion de Magaizine et de Vox pop devient Être (voir au-dessus).


            McLeod, Donald W., 1957-

                        A Brief History of GAY, Canada’s First Gay Tabloid, 1964-1966.

                        Toronto: Homewood Books, 2003.

                (96 p.; ISBN 0968382916)

Some reviews of A Brief History of GAY are the following:

Canadian Historical Review 86(1)(March 2005): 146+ (by Ross Higgins);
Ontario History 96(1)(Spring 2004): 87+ (by Elise Chenier);

Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada 42(1)(Spring 2004): 113;
and Canadian Book Review Annual, 2003, p. 79+ (2 pages)

            McLeod, Donald W. (Donald Wilfred), 1957-

                        Notes on the Origin and Development of GAY, Canada’s First Gay

                        Tabloid, 1964-1966. Toronto: Eastbound Books, c2003.

                Ref.: AMICUS catalogue no. 2849014.

                See also McLeod's later A Brief History of GAY, listed above.



     Montréal: MG magazine inc.

              Vol. 1, no. 1 (nov. 1990)-


Open Door: A Quarterly Newsletter for Rural Lesbians, Queer Women and Our Supporters.

     Burns Lake, BC:  Northern Lesbian Collective.

                       CLGA holdings: 1983-


Out and Out Newsletter/Calendar.

     Toronto: Out and Out Club.

                       CLGA holdings: 1980-


Outlooks: Making Waves in Alberta’s Gay Community.

      Calgary, Alta.: SuperMarketing.

                       CLGA holdings: 1997-


Outspoken: The Lesbian and Gay Community Support Group of Windsor Newsletter.

     Windsor, Ont.: Lesbian and Gay Community Support Group (LGCSG).

                       CLGA holdings: 1991-

                       Continues: Windsor Homophile Association News.



     Toronto: Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO)=

            La Coalition pour les droits des lesbiennes et personnes gaies en Ontario.

                       CLGA holdings: 2000-

                       Continues: CLGRO News/Newsletter  (see entry above).


OutWords Inc.

     Winnipeg, Man.: OutWords, [2007-]

                       Continues Swerve, which is listed below in this section.

                       Ref.: AMICUS catalogue record no. 33336872 (and earlier AMICUS

                       record 30560529 for Swerve).


Perceptions: The Gay and Lesbian Newsmagazine of the Prairies.

     Saskatoon, Sask.: Gay/Lesbian Community Centre; Gay & Lesbian Support Services.

                       Publisher imprint also: Perceptions Publications

                       CLGA holdings: 1983-

                       Issues for 1983 through 1997 indexed in Perceptions: The First Fifteen Years

                       (see BIBLIOGRAPHIES section under Spence for description of index).

                       See also Gay on the Canadian Prairie, an extraction of articles from the

                       first twenty years (1983-2002) of Perceptions (this collection is listed in

                       more detail in the SOCIOLOGY – GENERAL WORKS section under



        Pink Ink.

            Toronto: Pink Ink.

                                    “The monthly magazine for lesbian/gay liberation.”


Prime Times.

     Don Mills [Toronto], Ont.: Prime Timers Toronto.

                                          CLGA holdings: 1999-

                       Earlier title: Wordsworth.


Project Lavender Bulletin = Bulletin du Projet lavande.

     Montréal: The Project.

                       Published: 1986-1990.

                       Continued by/Suivi de: Info lesbo  (see above).


Prophile Magazine: The Hamilton and Region Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender


                 Hamilton, Ont.: Prophile Magazine.

                       CLGA holdings: 1998-  [publication began 1997(?)]


Québec G.

     Montréal: Productions visuelles TYM enr.


                       Fait suite à: QG (ISSN 0824-0957).


La Référence (CCGLM).

     Montréal: Centre des gais et lesbiennes de Montréal.


“La seule publication entièrement consacrée à la littérature gaie au Québec.”


RG: rencontres gaies: le mensuel gai des québécois.

     Montréal: Editions Homeureux.

                       CLGA holdings: 1982-

                       Fait suite à: Rencontres gaies.

                       Publisher also given as: Les Editions HMX.


Rites: For Lesbian and Gay Liberation.

    Toronto: Rites Publishing.

                1984-1991.. Ceased.

Although this publication has ceased, it has been cited often,

especially in Kinsman’s Regulation of Desire, 2nd ed.

The compiler has entered, on an ad hoc basis, a few articles from

the periodical, in exception to the policy of not listing articles from  the

gay/lesbian press in this bibliography.  Please examine the run of Rites for

much useful and interesting information.

Indexed in Alternative Press Index.


Sacred Fire: The Official Newsletter of 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations.

     Toronto: 2-Spirited People / Gays and Lesbians of the First Nations (GLFN).

                       CLGA holdings: 1990-


Sensible Shoes News (S S N): Your Monthly Guide to Saskatchewan’s Lesbian


     Regina, Sask.: Sensible Shoes News (SSN) / Mitch SpiralStone.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-


Siren Magazine: Irresistibly Tempting, for Lesbians.

     Toronto: More Sex Please! Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-

                       This is possibly the same magazine as the one with Web site

                       at (as of  February 10, 2003), a lesbian magazine

                       produced by volunteers, published 1995-  . <This link is unavailable as of May 2006>


Sunday News.

     Toronto: Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) – Toronto.

                       CLGA holdings: 1998-

                       Continues: Impressions.

Although directed to a special audience, included here because MCC is a

Christian denomination welcoming to and consisting largely of gays and

lesbians.  There may be other MCC newsletters published elsewhere.


Swerve: Winnipeg’s Monthly Queer Community Newsmagazine.

     Winnipeg, Man.: Swerve Collective.

                       CLGA holdings: 1994-


Times 10: Your Magazine of Choice.

     Edmonton, Alta.: Times 10 Publications Society.

                       CLGA holdings: 1994-



     Montréal: Treize!


                       Fait suite à: Ça s’attrape!!

                       Autre titre: La Mensuelle treize!

                       Périodique lesbien.


Village: le journal bilingue des gais et lesbiennes de Montréal = Montreal Bilingual

     Queer Newspaper.

            Montréal: s.n.

                       CLGA holdings: 1996-


Vox pop.

     Voir Être, au-dessus.


Wayves: For Atlantic Canadians.

     Halifax, N.S.: Wayves Collective.

                       CLGA holdings: 1995-

                       Continues: G A E zette.


Wedding Essentials for Same-sex Couples.

     Toronto, Ont.: Wedding Concepts, Inc.

                       Issue examined: Volume 2, no. 1 (Spring/Summer 2005)

                       A wedding planner for gays and lesbians wanting to marry in Ontario.

                       Published twice yearly. According to publisher’s Web site, accessed

                       May 9, 2005, this is circulated as a supplement to the Toronto gay/lesbian

                       newspaper, Xtra! 


Womonspace News: Our Voice in the Lesbian Community.

     Edmonton, Alta.: Womonspace Social and Recreational Society.

                       CLGA holdings: 1983-



     Toronto: Pink Triangle Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1984-


Xtra! West: Vancouver’s Gay & Lesbian Biweekly.

     Vancouver: Pink Triangle Press.

                       CLGA holdings: 1993-



     Montréal: Groupe Hom.

                       CLGA holdings: 1997-

                       Fait suite à: Zipper.



     Montréal: Editions Nitram.

                       1994-1997 (selon la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec)

                                    Suivi de: Zip.