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10 am - 8 pm

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* If these hours of operation are not compatible with your schedule, please email Holly at holly.fraser 'at' (Replace 'at' with @.)

Our regular schedule for Term 1 of Regular Session 2017-18 is below. Regular hours start on Monday, September 11.

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Math & Stats Help staff can help you with a variety of mathematical or statistical topics but focus on first-year or introductory courses. Our service is primarily a drop-in service: students are welcome to drop in to work on homework and ask questions when needed. Our service is designed for current University of Saskatchewan students looking for help with U of S courses. We also offer workshops or review sessions on certain topics in mathematics. These are announced on this page and on PAWS.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide help with research-level statistics at this time. Please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for advice on research-level statistics. You may also find the Numeric Data research guide helpful.


Math 104 Help Sessions

* Session 1:

* Session 2:

  • Sunday, November 26, 7pm, in Room 102 in the Murray Library
  • Topic: Implicit differentiation and related rates (sec. 3.6)

* Session 3:

  • Tuesday, November 28, 3pm, in Room 241 in the Arts Building
  • Topic: Exponential and logarithmic functions (ch. 4) and miscellaneous topics

Come with questions!

Math 110 Help Sessions

Help sessions will be offered this week (Nov. 20-24)

* Session with Amos L., lab coordinator for Math 110 (from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics)

  • Check the EWA (WebAssign) website forum for information 

* Session with Holly F., math & stats help coordinator (from Student Learning Services)

  • Thursday, November 23, 1:30-3:30pm in Room 145 in the Murray Library (room 145 is also called the "CLL" - collaborative learning lab)

Please come with questions!

Math Resources

You can view the Math and Stats Help Research Guide here:



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