'R' you looking for help?

Need help with the statistical package 'R'? Try an online tutorial.

'R' Help using Lynda.com

Looking for help with the statistical package 'R'? There are videos tutorials available at lynda.usask.ca. To get started with 'r', go to lynda.usask.ca (requires nsid authentication) and try these videos: 

  • Code Clinic: RExplore solutions to common R programming challenges, and then compare the results with other programming languages in the Code Clinic series.
  • Up and Running with RIntroduces the R statistical processing language, including how to install R, read data from SPSS and spreadsheets, analyze data, and create charts and plots.
  • R Statistics Essential TrainingUse R to model statistical relationships using its graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools.
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