All online appointments will be conducted via WebEx

When you book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email with a link to participate. Before your appointment, make sure that you have a microphone and speakers or headphones. To reduce potential audio feedback, the use of headphones is recommended. If you have never used WebEx before, you will need to add an extension to your web browser or install the desktop app.

Please note: our system does not send you a personal WebEx meeting link to add to your calendar.  You must remember to initiate the appointment by clicking on a link that we provide in our confirmation email.

WebEx Tips Prior to Your Appointment

We've gathered a number of tips that we learned from our experience of offering appointments since May 2020.  We highly recommend you view this page before your appointment.  It's possible that your computer might require additional steps and we have an instructional video on where to save a document before your appointment and how to share it.

Math & Stats Help

Online Meeting: Book a 25 or 55-minute appointment to talk one-to-one with a Math and Stats Help tutor via WebEx. It has been our experience that these sessions work better when the student and tutor both use the WebEx desktop app.

Math & Stats Help tutors can help you to

  • clear up misunderstandings
  • find your mistakes
  • understand challenging concepts
  • think through problems
  • understand course concepts (confidentially)
  • learn problem-solving strategies.

While tutors cannot do your homework for you, they can point you in the right direction and give you tips for learning challenging material.

We recommend that you read the tutor bios before booking an appointment to view the courses and topics they can help with. If you don't see what you're looking for, just make an appointment with either tutor, and they will try to help or refer you to someone who can. You can also email

We look forward to working with you!


Ryan D. has tutored in mathematics and statistics at the university level for over 10 years. He can help students with questions about many undergraduate mathematics courses at the 100-200 level, including MATH 100, 101, 102, 104, 110, 121, 123, 124, 125, 164, 264, 223, 224, 225, 226, etc. He can help students with questions about introductory statistics courses from a variety of colleges/programs, including STAT 244, 245, 246, 103, 241; COMM 104 & 207; PSY 233 & 234; PL SC 214, etc. He also has some expertise with SPSS, Minitab, the 'r' programming language and numerical analysis.


Trevor G. has tutored at the university level for over 10 years. He can help students with questions in undergraduate mathematics courses (e.g. Math 100, 101, 102, 104, 110, 121, 123, 124, 125, 164, 223, 224, 225, etc.). He can also help with statistics courses from a variety of different colleges/programs, such as STAT 244/245/103/241, COMM 104/207, PSY 233/234, PL SC 214, etc. He may also be able to help with statistical software such as SPSS, Minitab, and the 'r' programming language.

Appointments are available July 5-August 31, 2021.

*Closed August 2, 2021

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Writing Help

Tutors can help you to

  • clarify your goals
  • improve your organization and writing style
  • learn how to outline, draft, and revise your work
  • practice the conventions of writing in your discipline
  • notice patterns of error in your writing, which will help you to focus your editing and proofreading
  • understand the rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Please note that Writing Centre tutors cannot edit or proofread your paper. They can teach you about writing using your work as an example of writing areas of strength and weakness.


Christina has been a tutor since September 2019 and is a master's student in biology, researching a genetic approach to studying wildlife diets. Christina can help you with your general writing questions about organizing your paper, building a strong argument, or fixing pesky grammar and punctuation errors. She can also help you communicate effectively in the sciences, build your English language competency, and develop skills to write clearly, concisely, and coherently. To relax and unwind, Christina loves walking with her dog, playing board games, and practicing yoga. Pronouns: she/her


Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. Sarah has tutored with the Writing Centre for one year, and she has experience working as a research assistant in political studies and as a teaching assistant in biology. Sarah can help you with thesis statements, paragraphing, argumentation, scientific writing, and CMS citations. Sarah enjoys being outdoors and painting. Pronouns: she/her.


Hannah is in the last year of her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology researching the lateral biases of social touch. She also holds a minor in English. Hannah specializes in APA style citation and the social sciences but is also familiar with MLA style citation and writing in the humanities. She can help you with many aspects of writing including organization, thesis statements and argumentation, punctuation and grammar, and improving writing clarity. Outside of her research, Hannah enjoys reading, listening to music, cooking, and watering her many houseplants. Pronouns: she/her


Reid has been a tutor since September, and is currently pursuing his master's in linguistics. He has experience writing in the social sciences and humanities. While he is most familiar with APA style, he can also help with MLA and Chicago styles. As a linguist, he can help you with all aspects of writing including grammar, style/flow, organization, or making your arguments strong, clear and concise. Pronouns: he/his


Moriah began tutoring in September and is a master's student in biology studying wildlife habitat selection. Moriah specializes in scientific writing and APA citation style. She also has undergraduate training in English essay-writing using MLA citation style. Moriah can help you organize your paper, structure your paragraphs, improve the clarity of your writing, and use correct punctuation and grammar. Her favorite hobbies are playing music, dog-training, and backpacking. Pronouns: she/her.


Adam is currently finishing his Ph.D. in English, with a focus on Victorian literature, and he has been a tutor since 2012. While Adam specializes in English essays and has taught English classes as both an instructor and teaching assistant, he can help you with writing papers for the humanities, in general. He has a great understanding of the MLA referencing style, but he can help you with Chicago and APA, as well, and Adam has experience teaching English grammar and punctuation. When not working on his dissertation or teaching, Adam enjoys reading, watching movies, cycling, and playing badminton. Pronouns: he/his.


Megan (she/her) is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English. She specializes in 20th century British and Irish literature, with a focus in Modernism. She attained her BA in English from the University of Saskatchewan in 2013 and her MA from the University of Westminster in the UK in 2015. Megan has experience TAing for 100-level English classes, and she can help with you many aspects of your writing, including thesis statements, argumentative structure, grammar, punctuation, close reading/analysis, writing style, and MLA formatting. Pronouns: she/her.


Raha is an experienced tutor and lecturer in the area of Linguistics. She is currently a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on the language of doctor-patient communication particularly in the disclosure of cancer diagnoses. Rosa has vast experience in teaching English language skills and can assist you with grammar, punctuation, argumentation, paraphrasing and citations. She prefers the APA citation style but can also help with Chicago style of citation. When she is not working on her research, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. Pronouns: she/her.

Appointments are available July 5-August 17, 2021.

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Academic Help

Contact us if you would like to meet or talk with one of our Learning Specialists or Librarians. We can answer your questions, provide academic help, or connect you with the individual or unit that might be better suited to assist you.