Prior to Your Appointment

Setting up your Zoom account

As there is an automatic delay, set up your Zoom account well in advance of the first time you want to use it. Visit our Zoom tips page for more information.

Sharing documents

We recommend using your student OneDrive account and temporarily allow your tutor access. That way, you can both annotate or type at the same time, and the changes will be automatically saved. The link for the file can be shared in the chat window. View our instructional video.

Please ensure that your computer or device is set to the correct time zone. All appointment bookings are based on Saskatchewan time.

Writing or Math & Stats tutoring appointments

You may book a Zoom appointment between two weeks and two hours before an appointment. Appointments are 25 or 55 minutes. Please limit your bookings to two per week.

If you would like to share a file in advance of your appointment, you can provide a link to a shared document using your OneDrive account.

Important notes: 

Writing tutors cannot

  • proofread your work.
  • help with exams without your instructor’s permission.

  Math & Stats Help tutors 

  • can help you with course concepts.
  • cannot do your coursework (to be submitted for grading) for you.