Graduate Students

Meet with a Grad Writing Tutor

Tutors can help you to

  •     clarify your goals
  •     improve your organization and writing style
  •     learn how to outline, draft, and revise your work
  •     practice the conventions of writing in your discipline
  •     notice patterns of error in your writing, which will help you to focus your editing and proofreading
  •     understand the rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Please note that Writing Centre tutors cannot edit or proofread your paper. They can teach you about writing using your work as an example of writing areas of strength and weakness.

Appointments take place in the Writing Centre, Murray 142. If our appointment times don't work for you, please feel free to take advantage of our online or drop-in tutoring.

Meet with a Grad Help Peer Mentor

Graduate students can request advice about reading techniques, oral/conference presentations, poster presentations, studying for comps, and time management. You can book 25 or 50-minute appointments to talk to a graduate peer mentor through Student Learning Services. Appointments take place in the blue Learning Pod #1 on the first floor of the Murray Library.

Undergraduate students

Meet with an Academic Skills Peer Mentor

Student Learning Services is excited to announce an addition to our programming. Usask students can now book a 25 or 50-minute appointment to talk one-to-one with an Academic Skills Peer Mentor. Appointments take place in the blue Learning Pod #1 on the first floor of the Murray Library.
Students can request help with topics in learning strategies such as exam anxiety, note-taking, time management, test preparation, and in using the library.

Meet with an Engineering Peer Learning Coach

First-year Engineering students can book 25 minute sessions with upper-year Engineering students January – March, 2019. These coaches can help you assess your academic strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy to improve your overall academic performance. Example topics are: study skills, time management, and motivation.

Academic Skills Schedule

Grad Help and Academic Skills Peer Mentors Availability

schedule for appts

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