Time-saving tip! Login with your NSID before clicking the appointment button.

  • Book from two hours to up to two weeks ahead 
  • Maximum of two bookings per week
  • Appointments are 25 or 55 minutes

Appointments with writing and math and stats tutors are free for USask students. Drop-in help is also available in the Murray Library during scheduled hours.

If you need subject tutoring, hire a subject tutor using the USask Tutoring Network.

Make sure that your calendar or device is set to the correct time zone. All tutoring appointments are in Saskatchewan time (GMT-6).

Prepare for your appointment

Set up your Zoom account

Online tutoring sessions take place using Zoom web conferencing. Set up your Zoom account well in advance of your scheduled appointment time. The first time you create your USask Zoom account there is a delay before you are able to sign-in and make a Zoom call.

Make sure you don't miss your appointment by adding your Zoom meeting invite to your USask calendar

For help using Zoom see our Zoom tips page and the USask ICT help pages

Sharing documents

Use your USask OneDrive account to share documents with your tutor by temporarily allowing granting them access to the file(s) you want help with. Sharing files allow you and your tutor to work together in the same document and the changes will be automatically saved. The link for the file can be shared in the Zoom chat window or by email. Watch a video demonstration of how to share a document on OneDrive.