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Before you start: Accept your offer of admission

Before you can sign up for a Learning Community, you must first be offered admission into the college of your choice AND accept your offer of admission.

To learn how to accept your offer of admission, please refer to the step-by-step "Accept your offer" instructions found on the Steps to Apply page. Once you've accepted your offer, you will be able to sign-up for a Learning Community.

Please read through the step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) below to learn how to sign-up for a First-Year LC in the colleges of Agriculture & Bioresources, Engineering, and Kinesiology.

If you run into any problems, email us at or call us at 306-966-8057.

Step 1. 

Go to

Step 2.

Find the LC options for your college (see screenshot):

Image of left navigation bar

Step 3.

Browse the courses and schedules for each LC (see screenshot):

AB01 Example image

Step 4.

Choose the LC you want and click the ‘Sign up for’ button (see screenshot):

Sign up button image

Step 5.

Read and agree to the terms and complete the sign-up form.

Step 6.

Check your PAWS email account ( for confirmation of your LC registration.

Step 7.

When the registration system opens (June 17th), you will already be registered in your LC courses ( Print the schedule and use it to plan any additional courses you may take (see screenshot):

AB01 schedule example

Step 8.

Shortly before classes start, watch your usask email for a welcome message from your LC Peer Mentors.

Registration for 2017-18 Learning Communities opens on May 8th, 2017 at noon.

Need Help?

Need help signing up for a Learning Community? Contact Joel Fonstad, Coordinator for Academic Transition and First-Year Engagement Programs at Student Learning Services.