Maybe you could use some general study skills tips now that you've had a taste of what university life is like.

Whether you need help adjusting to how to write an essay in university, a visit to Math and Stats Help, or you need to brush up on your time management skills, Student Learning Services is here to help.

You Are Not Alone

First and foremost, you need to know that you are not alone.

Maybe you...

  • spend all of your time studying, and you're stressed out about school
  • are homesick
  • highlight your notes and you're highlighting EVERYTHING
  • are in a program that isn't at all right for you, and you need to rethink your strengths and regain confidence as a student
  • have family commitments or a job and are looking for balance
  • were taught how to memorize facts in high school, but your professor wants more
  • got great marks in high school, didn't have to study at all, but now need to learn some study skills to adjust to university

Your U of S journey is not just about your classes; it's about self-discovery, meeting new people, becoming independent, and so much more. Also, many students find that once they settle into their second year, they've got the hang of university life and their marks go up.

When you were in high school, many people, including your teachers, knew your name. Just because your professor may not know you by name, or you have only met a few friends so far, doesn't mean that the U of S does not have support systems and people who care about you.

You are part of a bigger picture -- a community -- whether you feel it or not. Academic advisors, your student union, numerous campus groups, and SLS are here for you.

Study Skills

Student Learning Services offers free study skills workshops led by PAL Peer Mentors - academically strong students who want to share what works for them.

Maybe the workshop you are looking for isn't being offered this month? Stop by our offices located on the First Floor of the Murray Building (RM 106) to find out. We have a wide variety of handouts with study skills tips, and a staff member will be happy to answer your questions.

Even if we don't know the answer, we will find someone who can help. Don't be shy. Any staff member will be happy to help.

Remember: you are not alone. Many others are seeking help, too.

Can't get to the Murray Building? Don't want to waste paper? These tips are also available online.

Math and Stats Help

So your math class has hundreds of people in it, which is VERY different from your math class in high school. Maybe the professor goes a little too fast? Maybe it's awkward to ask for help during class. 

Math and Stats Help, located in Murray Library room 144, has knowledgeable tutors available to help. The math section on this site also includes great resources, such as "Purple Math" where you can practice your math skills.

Maybe you are looking for a private tutor for hire? Our site provides a link to a math tutor list maintained by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Use the link on the right side of that page. We don't link directly to that list because when the file gets updated the name sometimes gets renamed resulting in a broken link.

Writing Help

Have you discovered that writing for university is a lot different from high school? 

Attend a free writing workshop on topics such as punctuation and how to write an essay, or visit Writing Help in the Murray Library room 142. There, a friendly tutor can help you get started with the writing process or help you with your draft.

You can also submit your drafts or writing questions to Online Writing Help and receive a reply within 48 hours.

We have other web resources, too:

Resources for New Students

So maybe you don't consider yourself "new" since you have been at the U of S for a term, and you know where all the good coffee places are, and perhaps you've even discovered a great spot to study. 

A series of tips and resources on the SLS website can help you to learn other things, like how to get involved and meet new people, use the Saskatoon Transit System, shift your expectations, set goals, and so much more.

We encourage you to check it out for tips from fellow students.