There are multiple programs and services set up specifically for the 2000+ Aboriginal students on campus.

Visit the Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC) or the ASC website to learn what they have to offer. The staff of the ASC annually compiles an extremely helpful student guide, with comprehensive information on campus-wide programs and services. 

The ASC provides you with a warm and inviting cultural space where you can share your ambitions with other students and talk to the Outreach Ambassadors, a team of upper-year students whose goal is to help you become more comfortable in your surroundings.

The ASC now has a Facebook page, where you can see what they do and keep track of upcoming events.

There are also opportunities to meet with Elders and for soup and bannock on certain dates during Term 1 and 2.

Tips from Other Aboriginal Students

  • If you want to go into education check out SUNTEP or ITEP- They offer smaller classes so you get to know your peers well; they'll become like a second family to you.
  • Check out the Aboriginal Students' Centre in the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre.  They offer great services and a very friendly atmosphere.
  • Writing Help can be your best friend. They are great for helping with your essays!
  • Math and Stats Help are also good for those taking courses in those subjects.
  • Walk around the campus. It's a great view and there are many tunnels and short cuts you can find.
  • Make a friend in each of your classes so you can get notes if you are sick and have someone to study with.
  • Get a free student planner from the ASC or USSU and mark all of your due dates for assignments/quizzes/tests so nothing gets forgotten.
  • Take the time to get to know the campus. The more you know about the campus, the easier your experience at the U of S will be.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. The staff and professors at the U of S are there to help you succeed. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • Always stay on top of assignments and essays. The way to a great education is to put in the work that is expected of you.
  • Make time for yourself once in a while. You will go crazy if you focus 100% of your day on school. Dont feel guilty for taking a break to unwind and get into the right frame of mind to work better.