What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

We have all been asked this question repeatedly, throughout our lives, and we’ve all answered it. Our answers have undoubtedly changed as we’ve gotten closer to being ‘grown-ups’ and that change is something to bear in mind while you start your degree.

The more life experience we gain and the more we learn, the more options we see. As you enter university, keep your mind open. Start with a specific goal in mind, but understand that sometimes your interests, your values, your skills, your abilities, and even your personality changes.

You may know right now that you want to be a Lawyer, but in a couple years you may know that you want to be a Biochemist. You will encounter a lot of new information and a lot of new routes to that information throughout your degree (or degrees), so don’t be afraid of letting that new information redirect your end goal.

There are tools and services to help you direct yourself toward a career. Feel free to use them, but give yourself a little time at the start to feel out the experience and reflect on what you’re learning and how it’s changing your expectations and goals.

A University Degree is Not Necessarily a Ticket to a Job

Even though there are professional colleges at University, with ‘practical outcomes,’ such as becoming a Lawyer, an Engineer, a Teacher, or a Doctor, fulfilling the requirements of each of these colleges does more than just give you the training you need to work in the profession, which is what most people would consider the ‘practical outcome’; it also helps you to develop your perspective, using the skills you’ve learned to maneuver the complexities of life.

University is an opportunity to develop skills that allow us to reflect on and analyze the world in which we live and the relationships we have, whether they come from one of the professional colleges or from the college of Arts and Science.

We develop these skills by creating a unique perspective based on our past experiences and the combination of courses we take, each of which will give us a different skill set with which to approach the world, its mysteries, and its problems.

University May Not Be What You Want To Do, But Don’t Give Up Too Soon

People come to university to learn. It is possible that what you learn is that you don’t want to be in university, or that you don’t feel ready for it yet. That’s okay. Sometimes you need to experience something to know that you don’t like it. Sometimes you need to take time to decide where your interests lie.

However, don’t be afraid to give it a fair chance. Stay in school for the whole first year before you make your decision to leave; this very well could just be first year jitters.