Staying healthy while at university is important.  While exercise and a healthy diet help to reduce stress levels and maintain cognitive function, they aren’t the only aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle is all about balance – balancing your need for money with working at a job you enjoy in a positive environment; balancing school, work, and social commitments with your spiritual well-being; balancing your need to study with maintaining your social and emotional well-being - with 8 dimensions of wellness we could go on, but I think you get the idea. 

It’s challenging, but part of university is about learning how to find that balance in a supportive environment.

Student Wellness Centre has a wealth of information about everything from mental and emotional health to how to deal with common health concerns (like fevers or cavities).

Services available on the Main Level of Place Riel

  • The Medicine Shoppe is the campus pharmacy where you can purchase prescription and over the counter medication along with other personal care items.
  • The Student Health and Dental Plan helps to cover healthcare related costs (medical, dental, vision etc.) and is available to full-time, on-campus students.  Students must have a Saskatchewan Health card to use this coverage.  

Services available in Lower Place Riel

Services available in the Administration Building

Access and Equity Services assist and advocate for students with medical-based disabilities and learning disabilities (both long-term and temporary).  They have 15-minute drop-in advising sessions on Wednesdays from 2:00pm – 4:30pm and Thursdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm.


While we all want to have fun at university and it may be nice to dismiss the possibility of something going wrong, prevention and awareness go a long way toward keeping us safe.  Protective Services are here to help ensure that all students, staff, and faculty enjoy a safe campus.  Check out the following:

Remember thefts happen!  Don’t leave your personal belongings unattended.  Leave them with a trusted friend or take them with you.  Yes, it is a pain to put away your laptop/tablet/iPad just to use the bathroom, but it would be so much worse to lose all of your notes for the term and any assignments you’ve been working on. 

If you are studying late at night, please make use of the USSU's Safewalk service. Call 966-SAFE (7233) Sunday through Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm or 966-5555 (outside of these hours) to request a Safewalk volunteer to accompany you to your destination. This service is open to staff, faculty, and students.

Emergency Alerts

If there is an emergency, bright yellow alert beacons (located in high-traffic areas on campus) will activate.  Additionally, networked computers are set up so that an alert will appear on screen describing the emergency and providing instructions.  Tests of this new system will occur throughout the next few months and then will occur every term.

If you wish to receive emergency alerts, describing the emergency and providing instructions, on your smartphone or tablet, you can download the free Alertus app.