Though designed for people immigrating from other countries, the Saskatchewan Immigration website has a lot of helpful information for anyone moving to Saskatchewan:

  • finding a place to live
  • signing up for power, telephone, and, if you so choose, cable and a cell phone
  • how to get your Saskatchewan Health Card.  If you are from another province in Canada, you can apply for an extended absence in that province while you are studying at the U of S so that you can keep your heath card from your home province.  To do this, you must contact the health coverage unit in your home province.
  • your Saskatchewan Driver’s Licence.  Depending on where you are from, it is possible that you can keep your driver's licence from a different province because you are a university student. It's best to confirm with Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

Remember that as a full-time University of Saskatchewan student you automatically have health and dental coverage, unless you choose to opt out.

Be aware that the University of Saskatchewan uses a percentage scale (0-100%) to grade; we don’t use letters or the four point system.

It is difficult at first to determine where your grades fall within the wider university, but the U of S grading system should help put things into perspective, as will shifting your expectations.

We may also do other things differently from how you’re used to doing them, so don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you know what to expect.

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