Public Transit

If you're coming from a small town, public transportation is bound to be overwhelming and if you're coming from a different city you may be surprised at the difference between your home city's public transport and Saskatoon's. The first step in familiarizing yourself with the bus service is to get a map from the Information Kiosk in Place Riel.

There are multiple maps with the times and stops for each route. Review the Saskatoon Transit maps to find out what routes come by your place and the university and then write down or memorize the most common and convenient times that your bus goes to/from the university.

Another way to plan a bus route is to use Saskatoon Transit's Online Trip Planner. A video tutorial for using this tool is listed below.

Did you know that Google Maps can tell you which bus to take and the times?  Here's an example of how to get from campus to Midtown Plaza.

There is a handy YouTube video with tips on how to be more specific with your search.


The University of Saskatchewan has many places to lock up your bike, including the new bike lockers, and is easy to navigate by bicycle, so cycling is a viable transportation option. Also, the exercise you get by biking to school will help you to attain a healthy life-balance and avoid the dreaded ‘freshman 15.'*

If you want to know more about Saskatoon's cycling infrastructure and the rules of the road, please visit the City of Saskatoon's website. If you're interested in promoting sustainable transportation, you can join the Facebook page for the U of S Campus Cycling Club.

*The "Freshman Fifteen" is the commonly held belief that University students gain weight in their first year. This may happen, but you are just as likely to lose weight. Attending University shakes up a person’s routine. Classes tend not to fall into reliable daily schedules like work or High School do and as a result, students don’t develop a routine for eating and sleeping. The combination of this with newfound stresses and, often, learning how to buy groceries and prepare food for one’s self lead to changes in weight. Be aware that your weight may fluctuate a little as you adjust to living on your own and try to eat a balanced diet and maintain regular mealtimes.


Carpooling is an environmentally conscious and comfortable way to get to and from school year round.

Ridesharing is a cost effective way to travel home or to make a weekend trip to another city.

To find ways to ease cost for travelling check out the ideas below. Remember to use common sense and be safe when you are travelling with people you may not be familiar with.

  • Talk to your friends that live near you
  • Look on the bulletin boards in the tunnel between Place Riel and Arts
  • Check out carpoolworld, or
  • Other places to look are Craigslist or Kijiji
  • UCommute is a ridematching service available to all U of S students, faculty and staff to make carpooling secure and easy to arrange and do.  You can also use it to find a ride for a one-time trip (e.g., to Regina for a weekend) or to find someone to share the trip with. UCommute gives you the option to choose from 12 different pickup and drop off locations on campus and shows your route between home and campus with the help of Google Maps. The software that supports UCommute is secure and easy to use, ensuring that you are matched only with someone who works or studies on campus.

To access UCommute and find carpooling partners:

  1. Log into PAWS at
  2. On the Home tab, locate and click on the +Browse Channels button. UCommute is located under Personal Tools.
  3. Once you have read the information there, click on the ‘Proceed’ button
  4. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to register
  5. Click on “Find Matches
  6. Look through the list of potential matches and click on the envelope icon to contact a potential match via email.

To find a match for a one-time trip, click on the “Single Trip Finder” button, the last of the five green rectangles in the middle of the “MyRideshare” page.  For more information about UCommute contact:

Parking On and Around Campus

There is a wealth of parking options on campus, but they all come at a price. As a student, you can enter the parking lottery in the fall on PAWS and get yourself a parking stall in one of the University's parking lots. Ballots are available on PAWS (under the 'Parking' tab) throughout July and August and the lottery is held in early September. If you don't need to park on campus every day, there are other options, just remember that there is NO free parking on campus. If you should receive a ticket for a parking violation, you can pay it at Parking Services in the Animal Sciences building, or online.

If you did not receive a parking spot from the Parking Lottery, you may be able to apply for the Designated Parking Program. Visit the USSU website to learn more and apply.

One affordable (and convenient) option that most people are unaware of is purchasing a night parking permit. These are available for every night or one specific night of the week at two different rates. This option is perfect for Students who have a night class and would feel safer (and warmer) driving to and from the class.

Most of the residential streets just off campus are marked as either one or two hour parking, just enough to attend a class. This is a free option, but it is only free for the amount of time stated, and parking violations are strictly enforced.

Taxi Service

Bus service does not run 24 hours a day, and sometimes you miss the bus you need to make it to an appointment or class. With a half hour wait between buses, taxis are a viable option, and affordable, especially if you can split the cost with a friend.

We have a number of taxi services in Saskatoon:

AA Saskatoon Radio Cabs Ltd. 242-1221
Blue Line Taxi 653-3333
Prestige Taxi 657-7777
United Cabs Ltd. 652-2222
Executive Car Service 665-0000
Accessible Taxi Service 220-5444
Quality Cabs 651-8888
Comfort Cabs Ltd. 664-6464
310-TAXI 310-8294