Student Learning Services Staff

Picture of  Angie Gerrard

Angie Gerrard Information Literacy Coordinator

Angie is the Information Literacy Coordinator within Student Learning Services; she is also the liaison librarian to the Psychology and Political Studies departments. Angie holds a B.A. (Hons) from the University of Saskatchewan and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Alberta. Angie is passionate about teaching and learning and exploring ways to integrate information literacy everywhere!

Picture of  Candice Dahl

Candice Dahl Librarian

Candice Dahl's role is to facilitate the integration of SLS and library liaison programs and services while also serving as the liaison librarian for the Departments of English and Drama.   She is interested in student learning and experiential learning, and she teaches a credit-based library internship for undergraduate students.

Picture of  Donna van de Velde

Donna van de Velde Office Coordinator and PAL Program

Donna van de Velde started out with a six week contract to create the unit's website and continued on in a variety of roles including her current position of Office Coordinator. Donna also helps with the unit's signature program, Peer Assisted Learning. Her background is in desktop publishing, multimedia and computer animation.

Picture of  Elana  Geller

Elana Geller Peer Assisted Learning Coordinator (on leave)

Elana is interested in higher education, mentorship, academic integrity, and student development theory, which helps her in her role as Peer Assisted Learning Coordinator. Elana has a B.A. (Hons) and M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba and a further seven years of graduate work from the University of Western Ontario. Elana taught Philosophy (including courses in ethics, critical thinking and logic) for over ten years, at University of Manitoba, University of Western Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier University. Elana worked for the Federal Government, Provincial (Manitoba) Government, as well as the University of Manitoba, as a Student Advocate, before joining Student Learning Services at the U of S. Beyond her interests mentioned above, Elana is also really interested in vanquishing ambiguity everywhere she finds it.

Picture of  Erin Holcomb

Erin Holcomb Assistant

As the Assistant, Erin works with the daily administrative needs of SLS, our programs and services and is logistical support for the PAL Peer Mentors. A part of this unit since 2011, Erin also creates marketing materials and promotional items for our programs, services, and events.

Picture of  Gina Koehn

Gina Koehn Learning Specialist

Gina is the Study Skills Coordinator within Student Learning Services (SLS), with a role of developing programs and services to support the development of study skills and strategies of students at the U of S. Gina is interested in developing a culture of innovation and cooperation within staff/student teams. Particularly dear to Gina is the model of peer support, empowering students to gain experience and further their skills in leadership, teaching and learning by working within SLS academic programming and services. Gina completed her M.Sc. in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence in Education in the area of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Her research looked at ways to recognize patterns of behavior corresponding to common misconceptions students have in solving problems within mathematics. Prior to working in SLS, Gina worked within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan where she was an instructor for 15 years and Manager of Instructional Services, responsible for managing the development of online systems to support class and program delivery and student learning.

Picture of  Heather  McWhinney

Heather McWhinney Graduate Writing Help Specialist

As Graduate Writing Help Specialist with Student Learning Services, Heather gives writing workshops and provides graduate students with feedback on their writing. She also teaches communications courses and offers tutoring services for other departments on campus. Passionate about writing, Heather was an editor for 17 years in academic publishing in Toronto. She holds a B.A. (Hons) in English from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Library Science from the University of Toronto.

Picture of  Holly Fraser

Holly Fraser Math & Stats Help Coordinator

Holly Fraser has been our Math and Stats Coordinator since Student Learning Services, formerly the University Learning Centre, opened in 2007. She has been an integral part of many students' success in various disciplines. She is dedicated many hours over the years to one-on-one help. Holly holds a B.Sc. (Math) and B.Ed., both from the U of S. Prior to working in our Math & Stats Help Centre, Holly worked in similar positions helping students elsewhere on campus. Holly is also a figure skating enthusiast.

Picture of  Joel  Fonstad

Joel Fonstad Academic Transition and First-Year Enrichment Programs Coordinator

Joel Fonstad has been with the team in a variety of capacities since 2008. You may have seen him at Recruitment or Orientation events, as his focus is primarily on developing programming to assist first-year students with their adaptation to the university environment. He is an advocate for the University of Saskatchewan's Learning Charter (Read it. It's only 7 pages.) and encourages the incorporation of its ideals into all programs he works with.

Picture of  Liv  Marken

Liv Marken Writing Help Coordinator

As coordinator of writing help programs and services at SLS, Liv Marken manages a team of graduate students and peer mentors who tutor and give workshops. In addition, she teaches the Arts and Science transition course Strategies for Academic Success, and has been a lecturer in the Department of English for several years. Liv is the staff advisor for the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ).

Picture of  Shannon  Floer

Shannon Floer Peer Assisted Learning Coordinator

As the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program Coordinator and Grad Help Coordinator, Shannon Floer contributes to peer mentor recruitment, training, and leadership. She holds an MSc in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University and an honours degree in anthropology from Western University. Shannon’s research interests are related to supporting a holistic student experience on university campuses, where students are supported to successfully transition and thrive academically while pursuing opportunities to gain leadership skills and contribute to their community. She has been a sessional lecturer for the College of Arts and Science course Learning to Learn: Strategies for Academic Success, an co-authored the online version of this course.​