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Focusing on the development of learning resources and programs, Student Learning Services collaborates with students in both undergraduate and graduate programs, other student service units, and academic departments across our campus.

Student Learning Services Staff

PAL Peer Mentors

PAL Peer Mentors 2015-2016
Meet the PAL Peer Mentors for the current academic year who do a remarkable job at balancing their involvement within PAL at Student Learning Services, their studies, as well as sports and hobbies.

A Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Peer Mentor is an academically strong undergraduate student who participates in developing and delivering learning support programs, taking a lead in an academic support community at the U of S. Some Peer Mentors act as coaches for course-specific study groups assigned to a select set of larger, traditionally difficult undergraduate courses, some provide support for study and learning skills by leading small-group workshops, and others work with specialized projects or programs in SLS and other units on campus. A philosophy underlying all PAL programs is to provide positive, safe, and comfortable learning environments that encourage and support students in their academic pursuits.

Projects We Support

  • Academic Integrity Awareness - An awareness campaign held annually in early October, including workshops on how to cite.
  • Group Study Rooms - Students can book group study rooms for seven different locations.
  • Public Class Pages (Open CourseWare) - This website helps you to find class materials that instructors have chosen to share publicly through the U of S Course Tools. Instructors can find directions on how to share their materials by watching this video.
  • Research Paper Planner - The research paper planner provides resources and helpful tips to guide you through the research and writing process. To start, simply enter the dates that you plan to work on your paper.
  • Student Entrance Census - The annual Student Entrance Census invites undergraduate students entering their first-year of studies at the University of Saskatchewan to complete a series of questions on personal approaches to learning and plans for university study. Responses to the survey are used to better understand the needs of incoming students, and ultimately, to design better academic programs and supports to meet student needs
  • University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ) - USURJ is an online, peer-reviewed scholarly journal featuring original work by University of Saskatchewan undergraduate students. Founded by undergraduate students, the journal celebrates undergraduate contributions to research

Our Partners

  • The Learning Commons - When Student Learning Services began in 2007 (named University Learning Centre at the time), space was provided within the Learning Commons at Murray for staff offices as well as the Writing Help Centre and the Math and Stats Help Centre.  The partners within the Learning Commons at Murray work together to provide services and study space to support students.  For example, students who are writing papers could work with a reference librarian, use the computers, then go to the Writing Help Centre all at one central location. 
  • Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC)  Drop-in Writing Help is available at the ASC throughout Term 1 and 2 at specific times. 
  • Access and Equity Service (AES) (formerly DSS)  - Peer Mentors and Tutors from Student Learning Services receive additional training via AES, to better understand the needs of some of the students that are registered with their unit.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) - Tech Help workshops on topics such as using Microsoft Office software, the PAWS portal or apps that can help students are offered by our Tech Help Peer Mentors.  These Peer Mentors are trained and supported by an ICT staff member who shares office space within Student Learning Services.
  • Peer Health Mentors - We have participated in Stress Less events each term by providing study skills resources.  Peer Health Mentors share their News You Can Use frames in Marquis Hall and other locations, giving us an opportunity to share some of our tips.
  • Student Counselling Services - We have offered workshops with Student Counselling Services. They have also offered support in information development for our Peer Mentors.
  • University of Saskatchewan Students' Union (USSU) - Our units work support each other on week-long events such as Smart Start academic orientation and Mental Health Awareness Week. 
  • University of Saskatchewan Language Centre - Student Learning Services delivers presentations and library tours for advanced ESL students at the Language Centre four times per year.  The Language Centre students and advisor contributed to the ESL Resources page on this website.